Sample Character Reference Letter

Sample Character Reference Letter

What Is a Character Reference Letter?

A Character Reference Letter is a document that can be used by individuals when they are required to provide a description of their personality. The purpose of the document is to describe the individual's character, and it can include information about the individual's personal traits, abilities, experience, and so on.

Generally, this type of letter is supposed to be written by the individual's friend, coworker, supervisor, or another individual who has known them for a period of time and can testify for them. A sample Character Reference Letter can be downloaded below.

The content of a character reference can change depending on in which circumstances it will be presented. For example, a Sample Character Reference Letter for Court is supposed to be presented during litigation and is supposed to focus on the individual's personality traits and their place in society. A personal Character Reference Letter can be used for different types of applications (job offers, educational institutions, volunteering programs) and can show not only the individual's personality, but also highlight their professional skills and achievements.


How to Write a Character Reference Letter?

If you were asked by a person you know to write a character reference you can consider it a great honor. If you have never completed this kind of document before, but do not want to say no to the assignment, you can look at any Character Reference Letter sample online to get a better idea of what should be included in it. Do not forget to ask where the reference letter will be presented, so that you will know what kind of information should be included in it.

Commonly, this type of letter is used when individuals would like to apply for a job. Therefore, your reference letter can include the following details:

  1. Information About the Addressee and the Sender. This is the essential part of any letter since it designates who is supposed to receive the letter (their name and address) and who has sent the letter (their name and address as well). If you don't know who is the recipient of the letter and you are supposed to give the character reference to the job candidate who requested you to write it, then you can skip this part and only designate your identifying information.
  2. Introduction. You can start the main part of your letter with a personalized greeting. However, if you don't know who will read your letter it is acceptable to use a generic greeting such as "To Whom It May Concern," or "Dear Sir/Madam." After that, you can introduce yourself, state what is your relationship with the candidate, and designate that you are glad to recommend them for a position they are applying for.
  3. Character Reference Details. In this part of the letter, you can describe their personality, professional skills, work achievements, and other details. After indicating a positive trait of the candidate you should verify it with an example that will illustrate it.
  4. Concluson and Signature. You can finish your letter with once again stating that you recommend the candidate for the position they apply for and offering to answer any questions the recipient of the letter may have. Don't forget to sign the reference to verify your personality.

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