Sample Landlord Reference Letter

Sample Landlord Reference Letter

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A Landlord Reference Letter is a written statement prepared by a landlord for a tenant who plans to move out and needs to show their future landlord that they should be chosen as a tenant. Additionally, it can be used if the tenant seeks to obtain a mortgage or enroll their child in a specific school - they have to confirm their physical address and offer a character reference to the interested party. Often completed when a tenant is moving to the new area, this document verifies the tenant has been reliable, complied with the terms of the lease or rental agreement, and has not bothered neighbors while living in the house or apartment in question.

Alternate Name:

  • Landlord Recommendation Letter.

A Landlord Reference Sample Letter is available for download below. Generally, it contains the identification of the landlord, the reference to the rental agreement or lease signed with the tenant in question, and the confirmation of the tenant's trustworthiness. It does not have to be a long statement - one page is enough if you add your contact details to let the future landlord reach out to you in case any questions or issues remain.

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