Cash Handling Templates

Cash handling is a crucial aspect of financial management for businesses and organizations. This document group provides important guidelines and procedures for the proper handling, tracking, and reconciliation of cash transactions. It includes various forms and records that are used to document and verify the accuracy of cash counts, as well as templates for petty cash policies.

Maintaining strict control and accountability over cash is essential to prevent loss, fraud, and errors. The documents in this collection offer a systematic approach to cash handling, ensuring transparency and accuracy throughout the process. From daily cash count sheets to cash property and reconciliation records, these documents provide a comprehensive framework for managing cash transactions effectively.

By utilizing the provided forms and records, businesses and organizations can implement an efficient cash handling system that minimizes the risk of discrepancies and ensures proper financial management. The alternate names for this document group, such as cash management or cash control, reflect the importance of maintaining accurate records and procedures for handling cash.

Whether you are a small business owner, a financial manager, or a cashier, having access to these essential documents can streamline your cash handling processes and provide peace of mind. Implementing the guidelines and templates provided in this document group will help you maintain proper control and accountability over cash, enhancing the overall financial management of your organization.




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This Form is used for auditing the Recreation Fee Cashier (RFC) and Alternate RFC (ARFC) in charge of collecting recreational fees.

This document is used for keeping track of cash and conducting a count of the money. It helps to ensure accuracy and prevent discrepancies in cash transactions.

This form is used for keeping track of daily cash counts in businesses located in Yukon, Canada. It helps ensure accurate accounting and prevent discrepancies.

This document is a template for keeping track of cash during a changeover process. It helps to ensure accuracy and accountability when transferring cash between shifts or employees.

This form is used for keeping records of cash transactions related to intelligence contingency funds.

This document is used for recording and reconciling cash property transactions in the military.

This form is used for auditing the cashier account to ensure accuracy and transparency in financial transactions.

This document is used to conduct an audit of the cash held in an imprest fund, which is a small amount of money kept on hand for making small purchases or handling unforeseen expenses.

This Form is used for managing and tracking the cash account of an inmate's personal deposit fund.

This form is used for preparing an individual cashier's report for Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) activities.

This form is used for recording cash deposits made by employees of the Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) Central Cashier.

This document is created by a company in order to provide guidelines for employees on how to use employer given petty cash.

This form compiles and manages all business-related expenses in order to avoid any irregularities in a company's records.

This form is used for demonstrating ownership of a check cashing business in the state of New York. It is required by the state authorities to ensure compliance with regulations.

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