Free Arizona Bill of Sale Forms and Templates

​What Is an Arizona Bill of Sale?

Arizona Bills of Sale are documents you use to transfer the ownership of the property from one person or entity (the seller) to another (the buyer). They are not required every time you buy or sell something, especially when minor items are concerned, but it is useful to prepare the document to accompany larger transactions. The forms serve as proof of ownership and can protect both the buyer and the seller.

​An Arizona Generic Bill of Sale is a document you complete every time you are buying or selling personal property in the State of Arizona.

Types of Bills of Sale in Arizona

  • Arizona Boat Bill of Sale. The Arizona Game and Fish Department has issued an official Watercraft Bill of Sale (Form 678) you must use during the sale or ownership transfer of a watercraft;
  • Arizona Firearm Bill of Sale. According to Arizona laws you are not required to use any specific forms when transferring firearms.

Do You Need a Bill of Sale in Arizona?

The only bill of sale required in Arizona is a Boat Bill of Sale. You must submit it to the Arizona Game and Fish Department to register your new watercraft. As for the registration of the vehicle, Arizona law does not require any bill of sale. However, the Arizona MVD can accept it as proof of abandoned vehicle ownership. The other two types of the document are also optional. If properly completed, they may be considered as proof of ownership transfer but you are not obliged to fill them out.

Arizona Bill of Sale Requirements

If you decide to go with a document that you've made yourself, make sure you include the required information. Otherwise, the officials may refuse your document. The required information is as follows:

  • The seller’s and buyer’s names and seller’s signature are the least required information about both parties. It is recommended to add more personal details (e.g., address, phone number) and ask the buyer to sign the form as well;
  • Description of the selling property. It should include all the important identification details to avoid future misunderstandings (e.g., general description, serial number if any, model, and others);
  • Sale details, including the date of sale and the sale payment amount. If there are any specific terms related to a particular purchase, provide them as well.

Moreover, a Generic Bill of Sale and a Motor Vehicle one must be signed in front of a notary. The documents for the purchase of boats or firearms do not have this requirement.




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Use this form if you wish to document your transaction of a firearm. The form is used to record the transfer of any type of gun from the seller to the buyer. If properly filled out, it becomes a legally binding agreement and can serve as a receipt for the buyer.

​An Arizona Generic Bill of Sale is a document you complete every time you are buying or selling personal property in the State of Arizona.

This is a state-specific form used to document the transfer of a watercraft from one party to another. It serves as legal proof that the boat was sold and purchased. The form is useful to both parties, the seller and the buyer.

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