Free Florida Bill of Sale Forms and Templates

​What Is a Florida Bill of Sale?

A Florida Bill of Sale is a document filled out during the transfer of different items like cars, computers, boats, firearms, bicycles and other property in order to have a physical record and legal proof of the deal. It usually consists of several blocks. These blocks must contain identification information about the seller and the buyer, the signatures of both, and the description of the sold item.

The forms can be divided into four main groups:

  1. Florida Generic Bill of Sale. Use this document to sell or buy personal property. There are no government-issued forms for it, but you can use any customizable template as long as it meets all the Florida Bill of Sale requirements;
  2. Florida Vehicle Bill of Sale. The main form used to document sales of cars in the state of Florida is the government-issued Form HSMV 82050, Notice of Sale and/or Bill of Sale for a Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home, Off-Highway Vehicle or Vessel. Florida law requires you to file this form every time you sell a vehicle. However, some counties of the state have separate bills of sale for this purpose:
    • Citrus County has issued the specific Mobile Home Bill of Sale for local use. This document requires the full description of the sold mobile home, along with any included furniture, refrigerator, carport, and other details;
    • Manatee County has the separate county-specific Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale. You must be very careful when completing this form since any alteration makes it null and void.
  3. Florida Boat Bill of Sale. All watercraft in Florida are also sold using Form HSMV 82050. In this case, there are also several counties that offer their own forms, including:
    • Citrus County, that provides the official form for the Vessel Bill of Sale. The buyer can use this document as the temporary (30-day) permission to use the vessel on the waters of Florida;
    • Lee County, that has a specific Vessel Bill of Sale to document the transfer of a boat, trailer, and outboard motor;
    • Manatee County, that has issued its own Bill of Sale for a Boat that can be used by the buyer as the temporary registration.
  4. Florida Firearm Bill of Sale. The State of Florida does not provide any government-issued form you can use during the private gun sales.

Bills of Sale in Florida do not require notarization. If you wish an additional guarantee, you can add notary public certification block to all documents, excluding government-issued forms.

Do You Need a Bill of Sale in Florida?

Except for the official documents mentioned above, completing the form in Florida is optional. At the same time, both the seller and the buyer are strongly recommended to fill it out especially when selling or buying any valuable items. The document is written evidence of the deal between the two parties. It is legally binding and is accepted as proof by the state officials. With this document, buyers can substantiate their ownership claim. They can use it as a written receipt that contains the full price paid for the item and the item description.

The sellers fill out the bills of sale and encourage the buyers to sign them to secure themselves from any possible fraudulent claims. This document also releases the seller from any liability for the use of the described item from the date the transfer is completed.




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This document is used for transferring ownership of a vessel (boat) in Citrus County, Florida. It serves as a legal proof of the sale and provides details about the buyer, seller, and the vessel being sold.

Use this document if you need to buy or sell a vehicle, mobile home or a vessel in the state of Florida. This form serves both as a bill of sale and notice of sale and is required during the vehicle's registration. It is an important document for the seller and the buyer.


This document is used for recording the sale of a vessel or trailer in Lee County, Florida. It includes details of the buyer, seller, and the vessel/trailer being sold.

Download this Florida Firearm Bill of Sale if you wish to document your firearm purchase. This document, if properly completed, becomes a legally binding form containing important information about your transaction.

Fill out this form in order to document a sale of any object from animals to furniture. This document becomes a legally binding agreement that can be used as evidence in a court of law if properly filled out.

This document is a Bill of Sale specifically for a boat purchase in Manatee County, Florida. It serves as proof of ownership transfer and outlines important details about the boat transaction.

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