Florida Boat Bills of Sale are state-specific documents used on the territory of the state for buying and selling of various kinds of vessels. Use these forms for the transfer of ownership of any type of watercraft ranging from a motor watercraft to sailboats. Watercraft in Florida is sold using Form HSMV 82050.

There are also several counties - namely Manatee County, Lee County, and Citrus County - that offer their own Florida Boat Bill of Sale forms. You can find all of these forms down below.



Form HSMV-82050 "Notice of Sale and/or Bill of Sale for a Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home, Off-Highway Vehicle or Vessel" - Florida

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Use this document if you need to buy or sell a vehicle, mobile home or a vessel in the state of Florida. This form serves both as a bill of sale and notice of sale and is required during the vehicle's registration. It is an important document for the seller and the buyer.

"Bill of Sale for a Boat" - Manatee County, Florida

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"Bill of Sale for a Vessel/Trailer" - Lee County, Florida

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"Vessel Bill of Sale Form" - Citrus County, Florida

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