Free Motor Vehicle Accident Report Forms and Templates

What Is a Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form?

A Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form refers to a formal instrument used by people that were involved in a car incident to offer a comprehensive and accurate account of what has transpired.

Alternate Names:

  • Auto Accident Report Form;
  • Car Crash Accident Report Form.

The incident in question has to be investigated by the competent authorities - from the police to insurance providers - so that the injured party receives compensation for the damages they had to deal with and the offending party is punished by the law. Drivers are expected to reach out to their insurance companies upon learning about the accident - talk to the insurer to determine how you can share your own perception of the incident and figure out how you can get compensated for the physical harm and property damage.

Motor Vehicle Accident Report Forms by State

There are numerous state laws and regulations that dictate how all the parties involved must act after a car crash. If you are wondering about the consequences of not reporting a small damage to your vehicle or trying to find out the deadline for filing a report that lists the incident details, you have to be sure you are acting in accordance with the rules established for your location. Find your state in the table and learn what to do when you get into a car accident.

Alabama Hawaii Massachusetts New Mexico South Dakota
Alaska Idaho Michigan New York Tennessee
Arizona Illinois Minnesota North Carolina Texas
Arkansas Indiana Mississippi North Dakota Utah
California Iowa Missouri Ohio Vermont
Colorado Kansas Montana Oklahoma Virginia
Connecticut Kentucky Nebraska Oregon Washington
Delaware Louisiana Nevada Pennsylvania West Virginia
Florida Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island Wisconsin
Georgia Maryland New Jersey South Carolina Wyoming

What to Do After a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Once you get into a motor vehicle accident, your priority must be your own safety and the safety of people around you whether they were in the car with you or happened to be on the road. Get out of the car as quickly as you can, help other people to step away from the vehicle, and reach out to emergency services. Even if you are barely hurt, it is highly recommended to call the ambulance especially if the damage to the vehicle and the surroundings is rather severe - you may not even realize the extent of your own injuries at the time.

When the police and the ambulance come, make sure you tell them all the information you have on your hands. While you are waiting for those services, it is a good idea to document things around you - for instance, get a phone or a pen and write down the number on the license plate if you were hit by a different car. Pictures and videos you take right at the scene of the accident will be very useful later. Reach out to the insurance provider next, tell them what happened, and prepare to file a Motor Vehicle Accident Report.

How to File a Motor Vehicle Accident Claim?

After a traffic accident takes place and you want to receive compensation to repair your car or treat the injuries you sustained due to someone else's fault, you get to file a Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form. Even though you have to submit the paperwork identifying the other driver whose insurance provider is different, in most cases, the procedure can be done via your own insurer since your insurance policy is supposed to cover the damage you and your vehicle suffer. Talk to the customer service of your insurance company to figure out what is the best strategy in your particular scenario. Do not forget that different states have different laws when it comes to motor vehicle accidents which means you will have to prove the other party was responsible for the material losses you will list in your claim.

When you are reporting a motor vehicle accident, you have to list the details you have collected at the scene of the unfortunate event (the most important information is the identity of the driver and the names of police officers that responded to your call), communicate with your insurer to be certain you have the right to submit a claim, and fill out an Auto Accident Report Form where you break down the circumstances of the accident.

How Many Days Do You Have to Report a Motor Vehicle Accident?

When you are getting insurance coverage, talk to the agent that works with you to find out whether the insurance provider has a specific policy - for example, they may demand their clients to notify them about any incident within 24 hours. After you have confirmed your life and health are not under threat, there is no reason to delay a call to your insurer - contact them via a phone call or a chat on the mobile app. Note that even if the damage to your vehicle is minimal - you may discover that someone has scratched your car - you should not postpone the call or visit to the insurance company since the investigation may require quick action whether there will be a need to find witnesses or get footage from security cameras around.

As for the filing of the Vehicle Accident Report Form, your insurer is supposed to let you know how much time you have - naturally, if the submission is put on hold because of hospitalization or vehicle recovery and transportation, it is very likely you will be granted extra time to handle the official report.

Haven't found the template form you're looking for? Take a look at the related templates and forms below:




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This Form is used for reporting motor vehicle accidents in the state of Missouri. It must be filled out by drivers involved in accidents resulting in property damage over $500 or any personal injury or death.

This form is used for reporting motor vehicle accidents in the state of Arkansas. It provides a standardized format to gather information about the incident.

This form is used for reporting motor vehicle accidents in the state of New Jersey. It is required to be filled out by drivers involved in accidents resulting in injury, death, or property damage over a certain amount.

This Form is used to provide supplemental information for the Official Oklahoma Traffic Collision Report related to persons involved in the collision in Oklahoma.

This form is used for reporting a motor vehicle crash in Texas. It is specifically for law enforcement officers to complete and submit.

The law requires individuals who got in a traffic accident in California (on a highway or street, as well as on private property) to report it to the DMV use Form SR 1 within ten days of the accident

This form is used for reporting a motor vehicle crash in Vermont. It is used to document important details about the incident, such as the date, time, location, and parties involved.

This form is used for reporting accidents as part of the Louisiana State Driver Safety Program. It is used specifically in the state of Louisiana.

This form is used for reporting vehicle accidents or incidents in the state of Wisconsin. It provides a standardized format to document important information about the accident or incident.

This Form is used for reporting a vehicle accident in Iowa. It is necessary to fill out this form to document the details of the accident for insurance and legal purposes.

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