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This Form is used for obtaining a withholding coupon from the City of Canton, Ohio.

This Form is used for enrolling individuals in the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS). EFTPS allows individuals to make electronic tax payments to the IRS.

This form is used for providing a summary report of carriers to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It includes information such as carrier name, address, and total taxable amounts for various services.

This document is an application form for enrolling in the automated real estate tax payment program in New York City. With this form, residents can apply to have their property taxes automatically deducted from their bank account each month.

This Form is used for claiming sales or use tax payment made under protest and requesting a refund in the state of North Carolina.

This is a legal document every California-based limited liability company (LLC) needs to submit to pay the annual LLC tax of $800. This form is a tax voucher - it details payment information you need to provide with your check or money order.

This form is used for individuals in Hawaii to declare their estimated income tax for the year. It is used to estimate and pay taxes throughout the year, rather than waiting until the tax return is due.

This document is used for authorizing electronic filing of tax returns for individuals in California. It provides instructions on how to complete Form FTB8879 for electronic signature authorization.

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