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Are you looking for information on taxes withheld? Tax withholding, also referred to as tax withheld or withheld tax, is an important aspect of individual and corporate tax responsibilities. Whether you're an employer, retirement plan administrator, or an individual taxpayer, understanding how taxes are withheld and reported is essential to ensure compliance with tax laws.

Taxes withheld are the amounts deducted from wages, pensions, or other income sources before they are paid to the recipient. These withheld taxes are typically remitted to the appropriate tax authority by the withholding agent, such as an employer or financial institution, on behalf of the taxpayer.

If you're an employer, you may have to report and remit taxes withheld from your employees' wages. In the United States, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides guidance on how to report and remit withheld federal income tax through forms like Form 945 - Annual Return of Withheld Federal Income Tax. Similar reporting requirements exist in Canada, where the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) provides instructions on Form T735 - Application for a Remittance Number for Tax Withheld From a Retirement Compensation Arrangement (RCA).

Individuals may also have taxes withheld from their income sources, such as retirement benefits or investment distributions. These individuals may need to provide certification of the income tax withheld to the tax authorities. For example, in New York, individuals can use Form IT-2102.6 - Certificate of Income Tax Withheld to report the taxes withheld from their income.

It's essential to understand and correctly report taxes withheld, as inaccuracies or non-compliance can lead to penalties or legal consequences. Whether you're an employer or an individual taxpayer, staying up-to-date with tax withholding requirements and using the appropriate forms and procedures is key in fulfilling your tax obligations.

If you need assistance with taxes withheld, consult with a qualified tax professional or refer to the specific instructions and forms provided by your local tax authority. Stay informed, stay compliant, and ensure smooth tax operations by correctly reporting and remitting taxes withheld.




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This form is used for employers in the City of Dayton, Ohio to report the income tax withheld from their employees' paychecks.

This form is used for reconciling tax withheld by employers in the state of New Jersey. It helps ensure accurate reporting and payment of payroll taxes.

This form is used by employers in West Virginia to report the income tax withheld from their employees' wages on a quarterly basis.

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