Ohio Tax Forms and Templates

Ohio Tax Forms are documents used by residents and businesses in the state of Ohio to report their income, calculate their tax liability, and claim any credits or deductions they may be eligible for. These forms are required to be filed with the Ohio Department of Taxation to comply with the state's tax laws and regulations.




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This Form is used for filing income tax returns specifically for residents of the city of Brunswick, Ohio.

This form is used by employers in Fairfield, Ohio to reconcile withholding taxes from their monthly or quarterly returns. It helps ensure accurate reporting and payment of taxes to the city.

This form is used for filing individual income tax returns for residents of the City of Trotwood, Ohio.

This form is used for declaring non-Ohio residency or domicile. It is meant for individuals who are not residents of Ohio for tax purposes.

This form is used to apply for a grant of 7.5%-13.5% for the purchase of new manufacturing machinery and equipment in Ohio for the taxpayer's taxable year ending in 2014.

This document provides instructions for completing the Village of Cadiz Income Tax Return form in Cadiz, Ohio. It guides residents on how to accurately report their income and calculate their tax liabilities for the village.

This type of document is a Business Questionnaire Form used by the City of Findlay, Ohio. It is used to collect information from businesses in the city for various purposes such as licensing, tax assessment, and community development.

This type of document is used for reconciling the income tax withheld from wages in the city of Amherst, Ohio.

This document is used for declaring estimated taxes in the City of Amherst, Ohio. It helps individuals and businesses estimate the amount of tax they owe and make timely payments to the city.

This form is used for claiming a sales and use tax exemption for construction contracts in Ohio. Contractors can use this certificate to exempt certain construction materials and services from sales tax.

This form is used in Ohio to calculate the valuation limitation on gains and losses from sales or exchanges of capital assets or IRC Section 1231 assets.

This form is used for requesting to file the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Fuel Use Tax return by paper in the state of Ohio.

This form is used for applying to defer the recoupment charge on land that has been converted from agricultural use in Ohio.

This form is used for completing the 140r Worksheet for Renewal With an Increase Levies in the state of Ohio. It is used by individuals or organizations to provide information about the increase in levies for renewal purposes.

This form is used for calculating and reporting the renewal of levies with a decrease in Ohio. It is known as the DTE140R-W4 140r Worksheet.

This form is used for applying for an extension of time to deliver the real and public utility property tax duplicate to the County Treasurer in Ohio.

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