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Are you looking for educational support to help you or your loved ones succeed in school? Our webpage provides a comprehensive collection of resources, known as educational supports, to assist individuals of all ages and abilities in their academic journey.

Whether you are a student with a disability, a parent seeking assistance for your child, or an adult learner looking to further your education, our educational supports are designed to address a wide range of needs. From individualized education programs to transition plans and special education summaries, our documents cater to diverse learners in various educational settings.

Our collection includes a multitude of forms and applications, such as the DD Form 2792-1 Early Intervention/Special Education Summary and the Form LDSS-4770 TANF Youth Services Application. These documents aim to facilitate access to specialized services and support, helping students reach their full potential.

In addition, we provide resources like the Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP)/Progress Report and the Medical Assessment Form for Students With Disabilities. These documents address the unique challenges faced by students with disabilities, ensuring they receive the necessary accommodations and modifications to succeed academically.

No matter where you are located, our educational supports are not limited to a specific region—our goal is to assist individuals across the United States, Canada, and other countries. With our extensive array of resources, we strive to empower students and learners, enabling them to achieve their educational goals and thrive in academic environments.

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This document is a progress report form used in Delaware for reporting on educational or training support services.

This document is used to determine if a surrogate parent appointment is necessary in South Dakota. It helps assess the need for someone to act as a surrogate for a student with disabilities in educational decision making.

This document provides strategies and initiatives aimed at expanding access to college education for students from low-income backgrounds. It highlights various efforts to create equal opportunities and eliminate barriers to higher education for economically disadvantaged students.

This document provides information and guidelines on the postsecondary transition phase of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) in Arkansas for Marshallese students. It is intended to help students with disabilities and their families navigate the process of transitioning from high school to college or other postsecondary education or career opportunities.

This form is used for requesting reimbursement of tuition fees in the state of Maine. It allows individuals to seek financial assistance for their education expenses.

This document is used for the Emergency Assistance to Non-public Schools Program in Kentucky to obtain the signature of the school's representative.

This document is used for creating an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for students in Vermont. It provides instructions on how to fill out Form 5, which is used to develop an education plan tailored to meet the unique needs of a student with an Individualized Education Program.

This document outlines an individualized education plan for students transitioning in South Dakota. It focuses on meeting the unique needs and goals of the student during this transitional period.

This document is a Certificate of Appreciation given to individuals or organizations for their support of the Aerospace Connections in Education (Ace) Program, which aims to promote educational support for aerospace-related subjects.

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