Language Learning Templates

Are you ready to embark on a journey of language learning? Our extensive collection of language learning resources is here to help you master new languages and expand your linguistic abilities. With an array of interactive and engaging materials, you'll be well-equipped to conquer the realms of vocabulary, grammar, and conversation.

Dive into our wide range of tools, including the Spelling Battleship Game Template, which combines the excitement of a classic board game with the challenge of spelling words correctly. This interactive template will keep you on your toes as you navigate your way through a sea of letters, honing your spelling skills along the way.

For teachers and educators, our Classroom Language Checklist Template is an invaluable resource for ensuring that important language concepts are covered in your lessons. From vocabulary building to speaking and listening exercises, this guide will help you create a comprehensive language curriculum that meets the needs of your students.

If you're looking to learn a specific language, our "i Speak" Card - Pennsylvania (English/Nepali) is just one example of the many language-specific resources we offer. Whether you're planning a trip or simply want to immerse yourself in a new culture, these bilingual cards provide essential phrases and vocabulary that will help you navigate conversations with ease.

Expand your linguistic horizons with our collection of Spanish Flashcards - Family Members (English/Spanish). These colorful flashcards are designed to help you learn the names of family members in both English and Spanish, making it fun and easy to build your vocabulary and improve your language skills.

And for those just starting their language learning journey, our English Alphabet Flashcards - Turquoise are the perfect way to familiarize yourself with the building blocks of the English language. Ideal for beginners of all ages, these flashcards will help you master the alphabet and begin forming words in no time.

No matter what language you're interested in learning, our language learning resources are here to guide you every step of the way. With interactive games, helpful templates, and language-specific materials, you'll have everything you need to become a confident and proficient language learner. Start your language learning adventure today and open doors to a world of opportunities.




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This template can be used to play a spelling-based version of the game Battleship. It provides a fun and interactive way to improve spelling skills.

This document is a black and white Japanese alphabet chart. It provides a visual representation of the Japanese alphabet with characters written in black and white.

This document provides flash cards for learning International Morse Code, a system used for transmitting messages using a series of dots and dashes. Perfect for anyone looking to learn or practice Morse Code communication skills.

This document is a template for a certificate awarded for achieving proficiency in the Russian language.

This document is a template for a French Language Achievement Certificate. It features a design with a maple leaf, symbolizing a connection to Canada. It can be used to recognize individuals who have achieved proficiency in the French language.

This document is a template for a Japanese Language Achievement Certificate. It can be used to recognize and honor individuals who have achieved proficiency in the Japanese language.

This document is a template for a certificate given to individuals in Mexico who have achieved academic success in the Spanish language. The certificate acknowledges their proficiency and serves as a recognition of their accomplishment.

This document is a template for a Chinese Language Achievement Certificate. It can be used to recognize and celebrate the proficiency and accomplishments in the Chinese language.

This document template is used for creating an English Language Development Achievement Certificate, which provides recognition for individuals who have made significant progress in their English language skills.

This document provides a cheat sheet for understanding pronoun reference in English.

This document provides a practice chart for learning and practicing Katakana, a syllabic script used in the Japanese writing system.

This document is a chart that displays the Hebrew alphabet known as the Aleph-Bet. It is used for learning and referencing the letters of the Hebrew language.

This document is a checklist template that can be used in classrooms to help teachers and students track and practice common classroom language.

This document provides a cheat sheet for French subject pronouns, which are used to replace nouns in sentences. It helps you understand and use the correct pronouns while speaking or writing in French.

This document provides a cheat sheet for understanding and using modal verbs in English. Modal verbs are important for expressing ability, possibility, permission, and obligation. This cheat sheet will help you understand how to use modal verbs correctly in different situations.

This template is used to track your progress in learning a language using the Duolingo app. It helps you keep track of the lessons you have completed and the skills you have mastered.

This document is used for observing and analyzing the language, art, and music in a particular context or setting. It provides a template for recording observations and reflections on these three areas of study.

This document outlines the English Language Development Standards for students in grades 9-10 in California. It provides guidelines and expectations for English language acquisition and proficiency at this grade level.

This document for Pennsylvania residents contains an "I Speak" card in English and Chinese Simplified for communication assistance.

This document is a bilingual English/Nepali "I Speak" card used in Pennsylvania. It helps non-English speakers communicate their language preference for interpreter services.

This form is used for collecting information about the home language preferences of individuals in Georgia, United States, specifically for those who speak French as their primary language at home.

This document is a Spanish Cheat Sheet, which provides a helpful summary of key vocabulary, grammar rules, and phrases for learning and speaking Spanish. It can be used as a reference guide for quick and easy access to important information while studying or conversing in Spanish.

This document is a Spanish grammar cheat sheet that provides a quick reference guide for understanding the basic rules and structures of the Spanish language. It can be helpful for beginner or intermediate Spanish learners looking to improve their grammar skills.

This document provides a printable template for dice, aimed at facilitating interactive language learning games for those attempting to learn American English. It is an efficient tool in engaging learners into fun educational activities.

This document provides practice materials for improving language skills, specifically focusing on enhancing one's understanding and application of expanded noun phrases. It's suitable for both teacher-guided learning and self-study.

This document is designed to guide learners, practice language pertaining to daily routines and activities in English. It serves as an excellent resource for English language teachers or self-learners.

This type of document is often utilized in educational settings, specifically for language and vocabulary learning games. It provides a printable template for a dice with words instead of numbers, enhancing creative and interactive learning.

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