Lesson Plan Templates

Lesson plan templates are used by educators to organize and outline their lessons. They provide a structured format for planning instructional activities, objectives, assessments, and resources for a specific lesson or unit of study. These templates help teachers ensure that they are covering all necessary content, implementing effective teaching strategies, and assessing student learning effectively. Lesson plan templates also serve as a documentation tool for teachers to reflect on their teaching practices and make necessary adjustments for future lessons.




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This Form is used for creating lesson plans at California State University, Dominguez Hills.

This document is a template for creating a lesson plan for a team at the University of Tennessee Martin. It helps organize and outline the activities and goals for a team lesson.

This template is used to plan and organize weekly lessons for homeschooling. It helps keep track of subjects, activities, and goals for each day of the week.


This document is a template used for creating guided reading plans to help emergent readers develop their reading skills.

This document is a template for creating lesson plans in a shorter format. It provides a structure and layout for organizing information about the lesson objectives, activities, and assessments. It can be used by educators to plan their lessons more efficiently.

This document is a template for creating lesson plans for high school classrooms. It helps teachers organize their lessons and ensure they cover all necessary materials and topics.

This document is a template for creating lesson plans specifically designed for preschool aged children. It provides a structured format to outline activities, objectives, and materials to be used during each lesson.

This lesson plan provides a hands-on outdoor activity for students to learn about energy transfer through various experiments conducted with buckets. Students will gain a practical understanding of how energy can be transferred and transformed in different forms.

This template is used for lesson planning using the backwards design approach. It helps teachers identify goals and objectives and then plan instruction and assessment accordingly.

This type of document is a template used for planning lessons for infants. It helps caregivers and educators create a structure for teaching and engaging with young children.

This document is a template for creating a lesson plan that can be collaboratively developed and shared among educators. It helps foster teamwork and creativity in designing effective lesson plans.

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