Group Work Templates

Are you looking for a way to enhance collaborative efforts and maximize productivity within your organization? Look no further than our group work resources. Also known as working groups or collaborative teams, our collection of documents and templates is designed to facilitate effective teamwork and ensure positive outcomes.

Whether you need a structured Team Lesson Plan Template to organize your group's activities or a Self Evaluation Form for Group Work to assess individual contributions, our documents are tailored to meet your specific needs. From applying for participation in advisory council committees to signing agreements for working groups, our extensive library has got you covered.

For educators and schools, our resources cater to the unique demands of the education sector. With forms like the DPS802-03213 School Bus Advisory Council Committee/Working Group Application in Arizona or the Computer Science Education Working Group Minnesota Student Application in Minnesota, we provide the necessary frameworks to foster collaboration and make informed decisions for educational improvement.

In addition, our Pennsylvania Carrier Working Group Agreement in Pennsylvania showcases our commitment to enabling effective partnerships and consensus-building within the transport and logistics industry.

Unlock the power of collaboration and teamwork with our comprehensive collection of group work documents. Take advantage of our tried-and-tested templates and resources to enhance productivity, promote efficient decision-making, and achieve success in your collaborative endeavors. Get started today and experience the transformative impact of effective group work.




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This form is used for self-evaluation of group work at the University of Adelaide in Australia. It allows students to assess their own performance and contributions within a group project.

This document is a template for creating a lesson plan for a team at the University of Tennessee Martin. It helps organize and outline the activities and goals for a team lesson.

This document is used for self-evaluation in group work. It allows individuals to assess their performance and contribution in a group project.


This document is a template for a sign-in sheet used in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) support group meetings. It allows attendees to write their name and contact information for record-keeping purposes.

This document outlines the agreement made by the Pennsylvania Carrier Working Group in Pennsylvania. It details the responsibilities and guidelines for carriers operating in the state.

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