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Enhancing your reading skills is essential for both academic and personal growth. Whether you're a student looking to excel in your classes or an adult striving to become a better reader, our collection of reading skill resources has got you covered.

Within our comprehensive range of materials, you'll find resources suitable for all ages and reading levels. From early literacy skills assessment forms for Kindergarten to guided reading plans for students in grades 2 to 5, we have a plethora of tools designed to help you improve your reading abilities.

Our diverse collection features a variety of formats and approaches, ensuring that you can find the perfect resources that suit your learning style. Whether you prefer interactive flashcards or written response logs, our materials are designed to engage and challenge readers of all ages.

Through our reading skill resources, you can develop essential abilities such as comprehension, fluency, vocabulary expansion, and critical thinking. By utilizing these materials, you'll enhance your reading fluency and gain the tools necessary to understand and analyze different types of texts.

Invest in your reading skills today and unlock a world of knowledge and opportunities. Our vast collection of reading skill resources is your key to becoming a confident and proficient reader. Start your reading journey with us and transform the way you approach texts. Let our resources guide you towards a future full of reading success.




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This document is a reading response log for students in grades 2 to 5. Students can use this log to record their thoughts, feelings, and questions about the books they are reading.

This document is a template used for creating guided reading plans to help emergent readers develop their reading skills.

This document is a template for a dialectical journal, which is a tool used for independent reading. It helps readers analyze and make connections with the text by recording quotes, reflections, and responses.

This document is a worksheet that can be used to practice reading comprehension skills. It includes a set of questions and an answer key for students to review their answers.

This document provides a chart that correlates reading levels between different assessment systems, such as the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA). It is used to determine the reading level of a student and compare it to other systems.

This document provides a conversion chart for guided reading levels, which helps educators determine the appropriate reading level for students. It aids in selecting books that are suitable for each student's reading abilities.

This document provides a chart that shows how to convert reading levels between different systems. It can be helpful for teachers, parents, and educators.

This document is for administering an assessment to fourth-grade students to evaluate their basic early literacy skills.

This form is used for assessing basic early literacy skills in Kindergarten students. It provides dynamic indicators to measure their literacy progress.

This form is used for assessing a student's knowledge and recognition of sight words. It helps teachers determine the student's reading proficiency and identify areas of improvement.

This document is for creating an Individual Reading Plan in Wyoming. It is used to personalize reading instruction for students and track their progress.

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