Language Arts Templates

Are you looking for a comprehensive resource that covers all aspects of language arts? Look no further! Our language arts collection is here to support students and educators in their language arts and literacy journey. Whether you are a pre-k student learning the building blocks of language or a teacher in need of high-quality resources, our language arts materials have got you covered.

Our language arts templates offer a wide range of customizable tools to enhance your learning experience. From acrostic poem templates that encourage creative expression to reading choice boards that promote critical thinking skills, our templates are designed to make learning engaging and fun.

For educators, we offer a verification of completion for 45 hours of study in language arts/literacy and 45 hours of study in mathematics. This document is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of elementary school teachers in grades K-6 in New Jersey.

Parents will also find our language arts collection valuable. Our "My Big Words Book Template" is a practical tool that allows you to create a personalized dictionary for your child, helping them expand their vocabulary.

Our flashcards make learning letters a breeze. Whether you are teaching your child the alphabet or working with struggling readers, our letter flashcards are a handy resource to have on hand.

Discover the power of language arts and unlock your potential with our language arts resources. Start exploring our collection today and watch as language arts becomes a thrilling adventure for students of all ages.




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This template is used for creating a certificate to recognize a student's achievement in language arts. It can be customized with the student's name and other details.

This worksheet is designed to help students practice inserting commas correctly in sentences. The answer key is provided for self-checking.

This document template is used for keeping track of reading activities and notes. It helps readers to analyze and reflect on their reading experiences.

This document provides a template for grading acrostic poems. It includes criteria for assessing creativity, organization, spelling, and grammar.

This document provides a template for creating an acrostic poem about spring. It is suitable for students in pre-k through 2nd grade and helps them express their thoughts and creativity.

This chart provides a visual representation of English grammar concepts for primary school students. It serves as a helpful tool for learning basic grammar rules and improving language skills.

This type of document is a worksheet template that combines geography and language arts to create a travel brochure. It can be used to help students learn about different countries and practice their writing skills.

This document is used for verifying that a teacher of elementary school in New Jersey has completed 45 hours of study in Language Arts/Literacy and 45 hours of study in Mathematics.

This document is a worksheet that includes questions related to a specific text about Rhode Island. It is used to test reading comprehension skills and knowledge about Rhode Island.

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