Free Activity Sheet Templates

Activity Sheets: What Are They?

Activity Sheets refer to a variety of paper sheets that contain images, drawings, puzzles, riddles, and questions that motivate the person using them to learn or entertain themselves through interaction and play.

Alternate Name:

  • Activity Worksheets.

If you are a kindergarten teacher, your objective is to find the creative thing to do with your friends at a party, or you want to educate somebody through exercises and games, Activity Sheets will come in handy - distribute them among students or players, explain the rules and concepts, and enjoy the quality time you spend together.

Check out our library below to see a full list of Activity Sheets templates.

Activity Sheet Types

  • All About Me Worksheet. A fun profile or questionnaire that lets the person talk about themselves in detail is very helpful when you are working with students of various ages;
  • A Bingo Template can be customized to set up a Bingo session for friends and family - the first player who completes five spaces in a row will be declared the winner;
  • Board Game Template. You may come up with a personalized tabletop game to have fun with your loved ones and battle for a real or symbolic prize;
  • A Domino Template is going to be useful when you decide to create custom dominoes to serve as gaming objects or become educational material and introduce kids to numbers;
  • Dot to Dot Worksheets. Ask the children to connect the dots with crayons and pencils and color the drawing they end up with while memorizing the numbers or letters in the process;
  • Holiday Activity Sheets are going to be valuable when the time comes to celebrate a special holiday and teach young kids about the significance of various traditions;
  • I Spy Worksheet. From recognizing colors and shapes to a rigorous search for a particular image or identical pictures - this type of Activity Sheet is great for children;
  • Maze Worksheet. Looking for a way out of a maze is an entertaining and rewarding activity for kids and adults alike - whoever overcomes the obstacles quicker, wins the game;
  • A Memory Game Template can be designed from scratch to teach people of all ages and improve their skills through play;
  • Pokemon Activity Sheets. If your own kids or students are fans of Pokemon, engage them in an activity that features their favorite fictional pet monsters;
  • Puzzle Template. Jigsaw puzzles and logic games are both great choices whether you are spending time alone or with company - compile a picture or solve the riddle;
  • A Quiz Template is perfect for informal events like parties as well as classroom activities such as exams and tests - check how much you and others know about a specific topic;
  • A Tic Tac Toe Template will allow you and another player to pass the time with great pleasure whether you are traveling together or simply hanging out;
  • Word Search Template. Follow a particular theme or create random Activity Sheet templates to ask the participants to find the hidden words promptly.

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This template can be used to play a spelling-based version of the game Battleship. It provides a fun and interactive way to improve spelling skills.

This document is a Thanksgiving Word Search Puzzle Template. It is used for creating and printing custom word search puzzles for Thanksgiving-themed activities and games. Enjoy the holiday season by challenging yourself and others to find hidden Thanksgiving-related words in the puzzle. Have fun and test your word-finding skills!

This document provides a template for creating a bingo grid. Use it to easily create bingo cards for any occasion.

This document is a template for a drawing game. It provides a framework for playing a simulated drawing game where participants take turns drawing and guessing what is being drawn.

This type of document is a dot-to-dot sheet that forms the outline of a heart shape. It is commonly used for recreational activities, children's crafts, or as a way to relax and engage with art. The sheet consists of numbered dots that need to be connected in order to reveal the complete heart shape.

This document is a template for playing the domino game with a double-twelve set.

This is a template for playing Domino games using a set of double-six dominoes.

This type of document is a dot-to-dot sheet featuring mushrooms. Use it to connect the dots and reveal a picture of mushrooms.

This document is a dot-to-dot sheet featuring a picture of a pineapple. It can be used for entertainment and to practice counting and connect-the-dots skills.

This document is a dot-to-dot sheet featuring a picture of a carrot. Join the dots in numerical order to reveal the complete image of a carrot. Great for kids and adults who enjoy coloring and puzzles.

This document is a dot-to-dot sheet featuring a picture of grapes. Enjoy connecting the dots and revealing the complete image!

This document is a template for creating a menu for a tic-tac-toe game. It provides a structure and design elements to help you create an attractive and functional menu for your game.

This type of document provides a template for a relay race game called "My Plate Relay Race." The template includes instructions and guidelines for setting up and conducting the game.

This document provides a template for playing the Petopoly board game. It contains the necessary game components and instructions to set up and play the game. Play the Petopoly game with your friends and family and have fun!

This worksheet provides practice exercises for decoding and encoding Morse Code. It is a helpful tool for learning this historical communication system used by Lewis & Clark during their expedition.

This activity sheet is designed for kids and it involves a game called "Catch the Cookie." It offers a fun and interactive way for children to enjoy gingerbread-themed activities.

This document is a worksheet created by Cynthia Sherwood of Super Teacher Worksheets. It is designed to help students learn and practice various subjects or skills.


This document provides a template with small tables to list your team for the Pokemon video game.

This document is a game sheet with case notes for playing the Clue board game. It helps players keep track of their suspicions and deductions during the game.

This document for parents to find summer activities for their children in Crawley.

This document is a word search puzzle template focused on women in history. It is a fun way to learn and test your knowledge about influential women throughout history.

This document provides a template with big tables to create a detailed list of your Pokemon video game team.

This document is a St. Patrick's Day Word Search activity sheet. It contains a grid of letters with hidden words related to St. Patrick's Day that you need to find. Enjoy this fun and engaging activity!

This activity sheet is a fun way for kids to learn numbers and improve their counting skills by connecting the dots to reveal a birthday-related image.

This type of document is a template for organizing and tracking tasks for the Ata Tigers.


This activity sheet is designed for fishing enthusiasts in Iowa to learn about different fish species, fishing techniques, and regulations. Have fun exploring the world of fishing in Iowa!

This coloring book from the University of Nevada is designed to educate children about the harmful effects of weeds and how they can be managed in the state of Nevada.


This coloring and activity book is filled with fun pages featuring Seymour Antelope. Get creative and have fun while learning about New Mexico!

This type of document provides a template for a team-building jigsaw puzzle game. It was created by Alan Chapman.

This document is a visual tool for tracking workplace safety over a monthly period. It enables organizations to identify safety trends and promote increased awareness among employees.

This document contains test papers used by students preparing for the Cambridge English Movers exam, a language proficiency test aimed at primary school children who have been learning English for two years.

This document provides a comprehensive catalog of potential team members for Pokemon video games. It includes details about each Pokemon's abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, enabling gamers to strategically assemble their teams.

This document is a fun and informative crossword puzzle designed to challenge and enhance your knowledge about the world of orchestras, their instruments, and notable musicians. Ideal for classical music enthusiasts.

This workbook is designed as a supplemental resource for families engaged in the CLI (Children's Learning Institute) Curriculum. It provides various exercises and activities formulated by the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, to aid in children's learning and development at home.

This document offers a variety of engaging home-based activities suitable for children between 12 to 24 months old. It aids parents and caregivers in planning fun and educational tasks to support growth and development in toddlers.

This type of document provides a customizable layout for creating unique bingo cards. It's perfect for game nights, parties, events, and educational purposes.


This document provides various templates for creating custom jigsaw puzzle pieces. Ideal for hobbyists, crafters, or educators interested in creating unique and personalized puzzles.

This document provides a template for creating a 3D puzzle themed around Christmas. It is useful for craft projects and for those interested in enhancing their DIY skills during the holiday season.

This document provides four different templates for creating puzzle pieces. It's useful for various DIY projects, cognitive development games, or educational activities.

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