Coloring Pages: What Are They? 

Coloring Pages refer to drawings that should be colored with crayons, pencils, or image editing tools. 

Alternate Name: 

  • Coloring Sheets. 

Whether you want to print out a sheet that depicts your favorite character, make a unique gift for someone that likes to draw, or earn money by utilizing the ever-growing demand for the Coloring Pages, you may create a template from scratch or personalize a ready-made one we offer. Take advantage of the endless benefits the coloring offers - help your child develop motor skills, reduce your anxiety, and channel your inner artist at any age.

For a full list of Coloring Page templates please check out our library below.

Coloring Page Template Types 

  • Animal Coloring Pages. Any animal lover will appreciate an opportunity to unwind and spend time coloring pets and wild animals depending on what they like most;
  • Anime Coloring Pages can be the ideal gift for every child and adult that loves Japanese animation or aspires to be an anime creator one day;
  • Adult Coloring Pages. Coloring is not just for children - this hobby is not limited by age! There are multiple benefits of coloring for any grown-up person that wishes to rest their mind after a long day;
  • Flower Coloring Pages will become an endless source of entertainment since there are no limits to the colors you use - besides, it is possible to create the simplest patterns to teach your kids to recognize colors;
  • Happy Holidays Coloring Pages. You may design Coloring Pages as a gift for the Christmas and holiday season or spend time with your kids creating drawings you will later use for custom Christmas cards;
  • Disney Coloring Pages. Give your children a chance to relive their favorite fairy tales and explore their imagination by drawing princesses and animals they loved watching in cartoons;
  • Unicorn Coloring Pages. One of the most popular animals that have never actually existed is a unicorn - if your child likes unicorns and wants to use many bright colors to draw, this may be the perfect choice of a Coloring Sheet for you.

How to Make Your Own Coloring Pages? 

Follow these steps to develop or customize a Coloring Page template for your own pleasure, to make a memorable present, or generate revenue:

  1. If you can draw, create a simple sketch on your own - you may add details later. Even if you are using a reference, you are not obliged to adhere to the image in front of you, simply get inspired by it.
  2. Use dark black color to paint on the white background whether you are making a drawing on your computer with a brush tool or drawing the pattern with traditional tools like pens, crayons, markers, and paper. Opt for thicker paper as well - it is very easy to rip the Coloring Page when a lot of force is applied.
  3. Depending on the target audience of your Coloring Sheets, you need to be careful with the number of details - it may be difficult for a child to work on a difficult pattern while an adult will find it less challenging and more beneficial for creativity and concentration.
  4. Find a picture for reference to help the individual coloring the pages later know which colors are recommended - however, do not let the strict instructions stand in the way of fun, the brighter the better!

How to Make Digital Coloring Pages? 

Here is how you can make a Coloring Page you may add color to with the help of the electronic device:

  1. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to download or purchase expensive software to edit images - even the applications you already have on your computer would do. Many creators of Coloring Sheets use Paint or Photoshop to make line drawings and are quite successful in doing so.
  2. Since the drawing typically means black lines on a white background, there is no requirement to use color in your initial sketch. Make sure your shapes and contours are connected in case the person coloring the image chooses to apply, for instance, a paint bucket tool to replace the white color in one simple click.
  3. Do not experiment with file formats - a JPEG or PNG image will always be the safest choice since most computers can open it without downloading new software. Moreover, a traditional file format will be easier to share online or print out if the person wants to use crayons and pencils for drawing.

How to Sell Coloring Pages?

If you plan to make a profit from Coloring Sheets you create, there are some tips that will help you achieve success:

  1. Research the market to find out what patterns are trendy at the moment. Usually, iconic cartoon characters and comic book heroes, geometric patterns and animals are well sold on any platform.
  2. Ensure you have the permission of the artist that made the drawings to sell your printables. Even if you heavily modified their initial sketch, you need them to agree to distribute the art in a new form. Otherwise, you may infringe copyright law and will have to pay damages instead of earning money as you planned. 
  3. Create accounts on several online platforms that serve as marketplaces for creative people that want to sell and buy unique products. Check the prices of your competitors to avoid requesting an unreasonable amount of money for your work and make eye-catching and high-definition pictures of your Coloring Sheets to attract the attention of a potential purchaser.
  4. Reach out to a local store that sells art supplies and materials. While this may seem a more difficult option than just sharing the drawings and patterns online, it is possible the owner of the store will agree to exhibit your product for a small commission.

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