Free Coloring Page Templates

Coloring Pages are a collection of black and white drawings that are supposed to be colored - usually, with crayons and paint. They remain a beloved activity and grow in popularity among adults as well - children and grown-ups alike can benefit from using their imagination, honing their motor skills, and engaging in this affordable art therapy. You may use Coloring Pages to keep yourself busy during a stressful time or paint a series of pictures you use as gifts or decorative elements.

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Coloring Page Types

  • Adult Coloring Pages. Typically more complicated than Coloring Pages designed for kids, these sheets cover various subjects - from multicolored animals to geometric patterns;

  • Animal Coloring Pages can be the right gift for an individual who loves nature - give them a chance to recognize different animals and color them correctly;

  • Anime Coloring Pages. A fan of Japanese animation will enjoy these coloring sheets whether they depict well-known characters or simply replicate the spirit of this media genre;

  • Barbie Coloring Pages. Doll play is crucial for a child development, and you can entertain your kid further by customizing coloring sheets with Barbie and her imaginary world for them;

  • Dinosaur Coloring Pages. Learn more about the evolutionary theory and different types and looks of dinosaurs through the process of coloring;

  • Disney Coloring Pages. Create an entire collection of drawings that contain iconic Disney quotes, princesses, and animal characters;

  • Dragon Coloring Pages. Fans of fantasy books and video games will love these coloring sheets depicting these terrifying monsters with wings;

  • Flower Coloring Pages serve various purposes - you can make a card to congratulate a friend or draw a full painting to be hung on the wall;

  • Food Coloring Sheets will be a lovely addition to your kitchen or dining room, especially if you ask your young children to color them with you whether you are drawing fruits, vegetables, or entire dishes;

  • Heart Coloring Pages. This Coloring Page template will let you congratulate your romantic partner whether you are writing a customized letter for them or decorating your apartment ahead of the date;

  • Mandala Coloring Pages are the right choice for a person who wants to meditate and reflect on their life and universe by creating their own art;

  • Plant Cell Coloring Sheet. Utilize this instrument to teach your students about the internal structure of the plant and later test their knowledge;

  • Pokemon Coloring Pages. Draw and color characters of this iconic franchise whether you are a fan of the video game or TV series - your kids will appreciate these printables and use them to decorate their room;

  • School Coloring Pages will help the art teacher that wants to improve eye-hand coordination and vision of their kids as well as keep them entertained working on an individual design or collaborative project;

  • Unicorn Coloring Pages. Unicorns are, probably, the most beautiful fictional animals - and it is fun to color them with all the colors of the rainbow.

Event / Holiday Coloring Pages

  • Christmas Coloring Pages are going to make your house beautiful without much effort or expense - decorate the place with paper Christmas trees and small figurines of Santa Claus you have painted;

  • Easter Coloring Pages. Easter Bunnies, eggs, and various spring motives remain the main symbols of this heartwarming holiday - give your kids something to have fun with during the weekend of celebration;

  • Father's Day Coloring Page. Create unique artwork to celebrate the importance of a father figure in your life and turn it into a card or poster;

  • Halloween Coloring Pages. The decoration of your porch or living room ahead of Halloween does not have to cost a lot of money - print out and color your own pumpkins, ghosts, and cauldrons;

  • Happy Birthday Coloring Pages. Create a greeting card for a person you care about with your coloring skills - you may fill in the letters with color as well as paint a beautiful bouquet for them;

  • Mardi Gras Coloring Pages. It is an annual tradition to celebrate this holiday - help your children discover more about Mardi Gras via coloring masks, beads, and fleur-de-lis together;

  • Mother's Day Coloring Page can be customized to make a one-of-a-kind gift for your mother, partner, or friend - color a bouquet of flowers or calligraphic warm wishes;

  • St. Patrick's Day Coloring Pages. Decorate your house or office before you invite others to celebrate the most famous Irish holiday;

  • Thanksgiving Coloring Pages are a wonderful gift that will entertain art lovers during the Thanksgiving weekend - images of turkeys and pumpkins can be colored to the liking of the painter;

  • Valentine's Coloring Pages. Surprise your spouse, partner, or crush with a personalized romantic gift whether you want to paint a picture for them or give them an opportunity to work with a crayon or brush.

Sports Coloring Pages

  • Baseball Coloring Page. Color a baseball or a player waiting to hit it with a bat - show the beauty of the sport with crayons and pencils;
  • Soccer Coloring Page. A welcome gift for everyone who loves this sport, a coloring sheet that depicts instantly recognizable soccer players, stadiums, or game situations will take its place on the wall of the soccer fan.

How to Make Coloring Pages?

Follow these guidelines to create your own Coloring Pages:

  1. Decide whether you are going to make black and white drawings with paper and pencils or it is more convenient for you to use editing software - the latter option is preferable in case you are making numerous pages or copies of the same coloring sheet, and especially if the designs are going to go on sale.

  2. Make sure the designs you have chosen for your Coloring Pages are easy to color - there have to be precise black lines with white space to fill with color no matter what tool the user ends up applying. Remember about your audience - naturally, coloring sheets should be large and contain fewer details if they are for kids while drawings made for adults can be more sophisticated.

  3. Find the most appropriate material for your printables - sometimes, regular paper fails since crayons and markers become easily visible on the other side of the page and may even rip it considering how hard the painter is able to push on their pen or pencil. We recommend you to use thick paper or even cardboard and test it while you are creating a coloring book.

  4. Do not forget to obtain the consent of the artist if you are using their artwork as the basis for your Coloring Page - even if you are only including a small element of someone else's work, you cannot infringe on other people's intellectual property rights which is a major point for individuals that want to earn money by selling Coloring Pages. It is easier to agree on a certain commission paid to the artist than deal with a copyright violation.

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This coloring sheet features Canada's Food Guide, a tool that helps Canadians make healthy food choices.


This type of document is a coloring sheet featuring the popular character Mickey Mouse.

This document is a floral heart coloring sheet that can be used for creative activities. Enjoy coloring and bringing life to this beautiful floral heart design.

This type of document is a printable coloring sheet featuring a doodle heart design that can be colored in. Perfect for art and craft activities.

This coloring sheet features a design with a peace sign, heart, and flower. Enjoy coloring it to create a beautiful and uplifting masterpiece.

This coloring page features a design that celebrates the world's best dad. It can be colored in and given as a gift to show appreciation and love.

This coloring book is a fun way to learn about Connecticut's courthouses through coloring and activities. Explore the state's judicial system and architecture while having fun! Perfect for kids and adults alike.

This document is a Halloween-themed quiz and coloring page created by McGruff the Crime Dog, an iconic character used by the National Crime Prevention Council. It aims to promote safety tips for children during the Halloween season.

This coloring page explores the concept of homology, which is the study of similarities between different organisms or structures. It is an educational resource for learning about biological relationships.


This coloring page depicts the Parable of the Lost Sheep, a story from the Bible where Jesus teaches about God's love and compassion. Kids can enjoy coloring this page while learning about an important lesson from the Bible.

This coloring page features kids playing in a playground while following Jesus.

This coloring page features a basketball theme with the message "Jesus Is My Example." It is a fun and creative way to combine sports and faith for kids.

This coloring page features a Bible quote with a theme of Planet Earth. Enjoy coloring a beautiful design while reflecting on a meaningful religious message.


This type of document is a coloring page that features outlines of flowers for you to color in.

This coloring page promotes responsible drinking habits. Enjoy coloring while learning about alcohol responsibility.

This coloring page features a traditional Chinese dragon dancing. Enjoy coloring and learning about Chinese culture!

This coloring page celebrates the birthday of the famous artist Pablo Picasso. Have fun coloring and learning about this renowned painter!

This coloring page features a simple snake design for kids to color. Perfect for arts and crafts activities or for learning about different animals.


This coloring page features Elsa and Anna from the movie Frozen. Color them in to bring the characters to life!

This coloring page features characters from the movie Moana. It can be printed and colored in as a fun activity for kids.


This coloring page features a Rice Paper Butterfly for you to color and decorate. Enjoy a fun and relaxing activity with this beautiful butterfly design. Perfect for all ages.

This coloring page features a pot of gold. Great for kids and fun art activities!

This coloring page features an apple tree on a farm. Let your creativity bloom as you color in this picturesque scene!

This document is a Tinkerbell coloring sheet, featuring the popular Disney character for children to color and enjoy.


This coloring page features a little truck for kids to color. Perfect for children who enjoy vehicles and coloring!

This coloring sheet is perfect for celebrating the holiday season and brings joy and creativity to children and adults alike.

This document is a shamrock coloring page. Enjoy coloring in this traditional Irish symbol of good luck!

This coloring sheet features a dancing woman. Perfect for kids or adults who enjoy coloring and expressing their creativity.

This coloring page depicts the birth of Jesus Christ. Enjoy coloring and learning about the story of Christmas.

This coloring page features a picture of Jesus with a blessing. It is a great activity for children to learn about Jesus and his teachings.

This document is a coloring page designed to teach children about the importance of sharing with others.

This coloring page features a guinea pig for you to color. Enjoy filling it with vibrant colors!

This coloring page features an oak tree with leaves and acorns. Perfect for those who enjoy coloring and nature!

This coloring page features a parrot and is a fun way to practice coloring skills.

This document is a coloring page featuring the message "Jesus Is My Savior". It can be used as a fun and educational activity for children to learn about and express their faith.

This coloring page features a golden crab for kids to color and decorate.

This type of document is a coloring sheet featuring a space rocket.

This document is a coloring sheet featuring a pumpkin pattern for you to color in. Enjoy the Halloween spirit with this fun activity!

This coloring sheet features various pumpkins for kids to color in. Let their creativity shine as they add their own colors to these festive fall decorations. Perfect activity for Halloween or Thanksgiving!

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