Free Thanksgiving Coloring Page Templates

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages: What Are They?

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages refer to black and white line drawings of various Thanksgiving symbols that should be colored with paint, pencils, and crayons.

Alternate Names:

  • Thanksgiving Coloring Page;
  • Thanksgiving Coloring Sheet.

A coloring page or a full book of coloring sheets will be a great present for an individual that likes to draw and make art for their own pleasure - these days adults enjoy coloring as much as children do, and there are endless benefits to this activity: you will train your motor skills, cope with anxiety, and stay focused after a difficult day at work. Alternatively, you may spend the festive season filling the Thanksgiving patterns with color to express your creative side.

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Thanksgiving Coloring Pages: How to Make?

Here are some tips for you if you are planning to create Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets:

  1. Find a stock photo online or draw a picture related to the holiday - it may be a drawing of the table with traditional dishes on it, a turkey surrounded by leaves and acorns, or several pumpkins with the words "Happy Thanksgiving!" written above them. If you are making a coloring sheet for an adult person, add many small details; otherwise, a simple pattern that will let a child enjoy their time will do. Ensure the lines are not too thick and every element of the design is big enough to color.
  2. When it comes to the patterns and images to use, Thanksgiving is usually associated with turkeys, pumpkins, corn, pilgrim hats, leaves, and acorns . The color scheme allows anyone to recognize the drawings instantly - yellow, orange, brown, and muted green should be the main shades you choose to color the drawing with.
  3. In case you want to decorate your house ahead of the holiday or you are an art teacher in a kindergarten or elementary school thinking about exhibiting works of the kids in your care, print out and distribute Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for kids among children willing to help you out . Opt for simple patterns, give the children an opportunity to use all the colors they have at their disposal, and arrange a small contest for the best coloring page. Besides, the kids should be encouraged to modify the templates you give them to make their drawings truly unique.
  4. Whether you are considering making Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Adults or your target audience is children, carefully approach this possibility to earn money . If you are using designs made by someone else, you have to reach out to the artist and negotiate with them otherwise you will violate copyright law which will lead to litigation. It will make sense to agree with the person or company that owns the pattern to give them a percentage of the revenue you will receive so that both of you get to capitalize on the artwork and the way it is shared with the buyers.
  5. It is a great Thanksgiving celebration weeks before the holiday arrives - print out the design on the folded sheet of paper and leave enough space to congratulate the recipient on the upcoming holiday or inform the guest about the date, time, and location of the party you are organizing. Alternatively, you can work on the template with photo-editing software and print out identical cards for your loved ones.

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This coloring sheet features a design related to Thanksgiving Day celebrations. Enjoy coloring and getting into the festive spirit!


This coloring sheet features a cute turkey to celebrate Thanksgiving. Perfect activity for kids!


This Thanksgiving Coloring Sheet of a Turkey is a fun activity for kids to color and celebrate the holiday.

This coloring sheet features a turkey for kids to enjoy coloring on Thanksgiving.

This coloring sheet features a turkey holding a pie, perfect for Thanksgiving festivities. Enjoy coloring this fun and festive image!


This document is a Thanksgiving coloring sheet featuring a beautiful turkey. Enjoy coloring it in with your family and friends!

This coloring sheet features a turkey chef holding a knife. Perfect for Thanksgiving!


This coloring sheet features various dishes that are traditionally served for Thanksgiving.

This coloring sheet is a fun activity for kids to celebrate Thanksgiving and encourages them to be grateful and thankful.

This Thanksgiving coloring sheet features a cute baby turkey for kids to color.

This coloring and activity page is perfect for Thanksgiving celebrations. It includes a variety of fun activities and coloring pages for kids to enjoy.


This coloring sheet features a Thanksgiving turkey for kids to color. Perfect for keeping them entertained during the holiday season.

This coloring page features a turkey, a traditional symbol of Thanksgiving, for children to color and enjoy.

This type of document is a printable coloring page that features a design related to gratitude and the fall season. It can be used as a creative and relaxing activity to express and reflect on the things one is grateful for during autumn.

This coloring page features a turkey with a pie, perfect for Thanksgiving!


This type of document is a coloring page featuring a Thanksgiving wreath design. Express your creativity and enjoy coloring in the festive elements of the wreath.


This document is a coloring page featuring a collage of Thanksgiving-themed images. It can be used for creative and artistic purposes, allowing individuals to color and decorate the Thanksgiving-related illustrations on the page.

This coloring page features a boy and a baby turkey for Thanksgiving. Get creative and add some color to this festive scene!

This coloring page features a design related to the Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy coloring it in and celebrating Thanksgiving!


This type of document is a coloring sheet that can be used during the Thanksgiving holiday. It features Thanksgiving-related images and designs that can be filled in with color.

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