Free Thanksgiving Mad Lib Templates

Thanksgiving Mad Libs: What Are They?

If you are searching for a fantastically entertaining game that stimulates originality during the Thanksgiving season, we would recommend a Thanksgiving Mad Lib which is incredibly adaptable. This is essentially a game in which you make a list of funny words based on cues and then complete the blanks of a story after which it is read out. The outcomes are silly, funny stories which are superb for an entertaining party game.

While you are running around the kitchen and getting the festive dinner ready, you can give the Thanksgiving Mad Libs to your children to amuse themselves or once you have finished all the preparations for the dinner you may want to sit down with your family and play. Thanksgiving Mad Libs are especially fun during parties and on road trips!

The game is extremely simple to play and it does not require a lot of materials. The best thing is, it can be enjoyed both by young children and adults:

  • Start by downloading a ready-made Thanksgiving Mad Lib template;
  • Once you have printed your Thanksgiving Mad Lib, simply distribute it to each participant along with a pen or pencil (anything that will allow someone to write on the Mad Lib);
  • Task the players with completing the blanks with the most imaginative solutions they can come up with;
  • Once all participants have completed the sheet, read out your answers and let the laughs commence;
  • In some versions of the game, the game host can read the Thanksgiving Mad Lib aloud while making a pause just before the blank words. The answers are shouted out by the participants and the host selects the funniest response and then proceeds to the next blank.

For a full list of Thanksgiving Mad Lib Templates please feel free to check out our library below.

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