Free Thanksgiving Invitation Templates

What Is a Thanksgiving Invitation?

We all know that Thanksgiving is a big deal and it is a great opportunity to throw an enormous festive party! A Thanksgiving Invitation is prepared and sent out to guests, usually close family and friends that you would like to invite to celebrate your Thanksgiving party with. Make sure you send the invitations out sooner rather than later, you want to make sure that your guests haven’t made other arrangements for their festive celebrations.

Alternate Name:

  • Thanksgiving Party Invitation.

You could plan an entirely original and super fun day, filled with activities, games, and delicious food. But if your invitation does not get across the atmosphere and excitement of the day – the guests may assume you haven’t gone to a lot of effort or that the party will be quite boring. This is why it is extremely important to create a unique invitation that should captivate guests and make them genuinely interested in attending the party.

However, it isn’t always easy coming up with Thanksgiving Invitation ideas by yourself, particularly if you are busy throughout the week. This is why we suggest using a template that can be modified, allowing you to add and edit it in whichever way you like to best get across the ideas you have about your party.

For a full list of Thanksgiving Invitation templates please feel free to check out our library below.

How to Make a Thanksgiving Invitation?

Sometimes, deciding on the template and the design is only half the battle. The Thanksgiving Invitation wording can be a little bit of a struggle – especially if you are making the invitation for the first time. Below you can find some of our top hints and tips to ensure that you make the best Thanksgiving Invitation possible:

  • Make sure that it is obvious what you are celebrating and what the invitation is for. You can do this by simply giving it a title such as ‘Thanksgiving Day Party’ – or, if you want to be a little quirky, give it a short caption like ‘Gobble Gobble!’ which will instantly inform your guests about what the party will be celebrating;
  • Feel free to use bright colors – red and brown look particularly cool on a Thanksgiving Invitation. You can use any colors associated with autumn;
  • Creative a festive vibe by including a themed image. A turkey seems like the obvious answer here;
  • Use the right font and size for the text. Generally, you want to avoid using any harsh fonts. Opt for something more elegant – even if your party is anything but that. After all, the celebration is extremely family orientated and warm;
  • Provide details regarding the date, time, and full address of the party. Without this information, it will be difficult for recipients to make a decision about attending;
  • Avoid doing too much. Of course, creating an invitation is exciting, especially if you have a flow of ideas spurting out – but it is important that you contain yourself because a crammed invitation will lose appeal altogether.

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This document is a Thanksgiving invitation template with a pumpkin theme. It can be used to create personalized invitations for Thanksgiving celebrations.

This type of document is a Thanksgiving invitation template featuring leaves. It can be used to create personalized invitations for Thanksgiving gatherings.


This type of document is a Thanksgiving invitation template with an orange theme. Use it to create beautiful invitations for your Thanksgiving celebration.

If you want to hold an event for Thanksgiving, you should compose this type of template and send it to the people you want to attend your Thanksgiving party, typically close relatives and friends.

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