Free Thanksgiving Card Templates

A Thanksgiving Card is a personal note designed to congratulate the recipient on the upcoming Thanksgiving. Acknowledge the importance of the individual you care about by sending them a message weeks or days before the holiday comes. Prepare this card in the following circumstances:

  1. You are living far away from the recipient or either of you cannot join a celebration to greet each other in person - give your thanks to them and show your appreciation for everything they have done for you using a personalized note.
  2. You are organizing a celebration for the people that belong to your close circle - relatives, friends, colleagues - and want to convince them to come to your place or a restaurant to have a social gathering.

You can see a full list of Thanksgiving Card templates by checking out our library below.

What to Write in a Thanksgiving Card? 

Follow these steps to fill out a Thanksgiving Card template or compose your own message from scratch:

  1. Write down the title of the card on the front page and repeat it on the inside if you want. 
  2. Address the individual you are congratulating by their name and give them your best wishes ahead of the upcoming holiday. Briefly update the recipient about your latest developments and express hope they are doing well reading your note. Reminisce about the times you have spent together and offer to meet in the nearest future in case you have not seen each other lately. 
  3. You may use the opportunity to reconnect with the person you have not spoken to in a while with the help of a Thanksgiving Card - write a short letter inside the card letting the recipient know you were grateful to have them in your life and they matter to you.
  4. If the card serves as an invitation, whether you are waiting for a reply of the potential guest or their acceptance does not matter and you will be ready to receive them in any case, add your telephone number or e-mail address to the card to let them reach out if they have any questions or concerns.

How to Make a Thanksgiving Card?

While it may be easier to purchase a Thanksgiving Card in a store, a homemade Thanksgiving Card will be a unique gift for the recipient that shows you spent your time and effort to surprise them. Here are some Thanksgiving Card ideas you may implement when making your own greeting card:

  1. A greeting card may be a simple piece of paper folded in two; if you have experience creating your own cards and invitation, be more imaginative: a pop-up card or a card in the shape of pumpkin or turkey is pretty easy to make and it will definitely capture the attention of the recipient especially if your goal is to persuade them to join your party. 
  2. In terms of embellishment, you should use conventional Thanksgiving Card images - drawings of pumpkins, turkeys, foliage, acorns are never a miss. Consider designing a card with bright colors and decorations - all shades of yellow, orange, red are a common choice for every person that makes a card using photo editing software or cutting and gluing cards the traditional way. 
  3. If you want to receive a confirmation from the recipient to know they will be able to come to your celebration, make a card that consists of two halves: the first half will contain the congratulations and warmest wishes for the other person while the second half requests their presence at the party: the prospective guest should detach this part of the card and send it back making their intention to join the celebration known to let you plan the menu and make a reservation at a bigger venue.

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