Free Valentine's Day Card Templates

A Valentine's Day Card is a decorative greeting card prepared to celebrate love and romance and sent to a loved one to confess feelings or strengthen the existing relationship.

Alternate Name:

  • Happy Valentine’s Day Card.

A message you compose to demonstrate your affection will be a great gift in itself or you may attach it to the main present given to a special person on February 14th.

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What to Write in a Valentine’s Day Card?

Romantic Valentine's Day Card messages will help you treat and please the person you care about telling them they are not taken for granted and feel appreciated on this holiday and any other day. The contents of the Happy Valentine's Day Card depend on the relationship between the sender and the addressee:

  1. Use the occasion to tell the individual you have feelings for about your love. This holiday offers a great opportunity for every person to make a romantic gesture - whether you present a card to your object of affection in person or send it via e-mail or mail waiting for their answer, you may reveal how you feel about them in writing giving the recipient a chance to think about your words and hopefully reciprocate the feeling.
  2. Even if you and your partner have been in a relationship for many years, it does not mean you should not take advantage of the international celebration of love and romance to say what they mean to you - reminisce about the time you have already spent together, tell the recipient how grateful you are for their love and support, and promise to do your best to keep the feeling alive for many years to come.
  3. If you have not seen the recipient for a while or you two are in a long-distance relationship, you may briefly update the other person on the recent developments and news. However, it is recommended not to turn a card into a long letter - try to separate a holiday from the mundane news; besides, a traditional greeting card will not have enough space for you to share everything about your life. Instead, consider offering your partner to think about the future plans: for instance, if they have been dreaming of traveling, promise to arrange a romantic trip or announce you have already taken care of the travel arrangements as a surprise.

How to Make a Valentine’s Day Card?

While you can find a Card for Valentine's Day in many stores, especially at the beginning of February, a handmade card that you design will be a more unique gift that shows your current or potential partner how much you care about them. Here are some tips you can use when making a Valentine's Day Card:

  1. Show your crafting skills by making a pop-up card - it will look better than a simple greeting card and can become a centerpiece in the recipient's room. The tab that pops out can be in the shape of a heart or you may glue a picture of you and your partner or spouse to it.
  2. One of the most popular Valentine's Day Card ideas is to prepare a card that looks like a heart. You may cut a double heart out of paper or fold a heart that can take its original form when the recipient opens the card and reads the message inside.
  3. When it comes to the embellishment of the card, your imagination is the limit. Traditionally, Valentine's Day Cards are red or pink - these colors universally represent love and affection; but if your partner's favorite color is blue or yellow, nothing should stop you from using different shades while making a card. You can find pictures of traditional symbols of love - hearts, roses, angels, cupids, doves - online and insert them in your card using photo editing software. Alternatively, you may simply draw on the blank piece of paper as long as you are able to make it look eye-catching and personal. If you and the card recipient have nice pictures of you two together, you may use them as the decoration element.

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