Free Holiday Card Templates

A Holiday Card refers to a decorative note that contains the words expressing the sender's wishes on a special occasion. If you want to celebrate an important holiday, invite guests to the party you are hosting at your place or in the restaurant, or reach out to someone you care about in order to make your relationship stronger or rebuild it after an argument, a Holiday Card will be the welcome gesture that will definitely raise the mood of the recipient and show them their positive influence on your life.

Holiday Card Template Types

No matter the occasion or holiday, a greeting card is a universal gift that is appropriate for most situations and recipients. If you are organizing a party, looking for a way to strengthen the rapport with the individual that means a lot to you, or searching for inspiring Holiday Card ideas, you may use the Holiday Card templates below.

  • Christmas Card Template. The most popular holiday of the year means an array of greeting cards you send to your relatives, friends, colleagues, and people that mattered to you during the passing year - celebrate the festive season and wish the addressee all the best for the next twelve months;
  • Thanksgiving Card Template. If you cannot visit your family or friends during the Thanksgiving period or you are planning a party and want to invite multiple people to join the celebrations, this is the card for you - tell the recipient you are thankful for them and share the joy of the special day using this Holiday Card template;
  • Father’s Day Card Template. Compose a note of gratitude to your dad or any man with kids you know - tell him about the positive impact his fatherhood had on people around him and congratulate the recipient on doing a great job raising his children and being a good example for his loved ones;
  • Valentine's Day Card Template. Whether you are in a relationship or want to use the opportunity to confess your feelings to a person you deeply care about, this greeting card will help you create a special and memorable moment for the addressee;
  • Mother’s Day Card Template. Send a message to an important woman in your life - be it your own mother, wife, sister, mother-in-law, or a female friend that already has children or is expecting - to congratulate her on this important holiday and show your gratitude for her kindness and caring nature.

What to Write in a Holiday Card?

Follow these steps to create a perfect Holiday Card:

  1. Make sure the front of the card contains the main message - for example, "Happy Mother's Day!" or "Merry Christmas!"
  2. Write a personalized note inside the greeting card - refer to the recipient by their name and express your best wishes ahead of the holiday. The rest of the message depends on you - maybe, you are aware of the issues the addressee is dealing with at the moment - tell them you hope their problems are resolved soon.
  3. If you have not talked to the person for a long time or you are unable to be present at the upcoming celebration, strengthen your connection with them by offering to talk on the phone soon or reach out to each other via different means of communication.

How to Sign a Holiday Card?

It is crucial to end the Holiday Card on a positive note - whether the card is formal or informal, it is always appropriate to say "Best wishes", "Best regards", "In appreciation" and write down your full name. Only use your first name or nickname if you are drafting a message for a relative or close friend. A card prepared for the business partner or customer should refer to your company as a whole - indicate its legal name.

What to Write in a Holiday Card for Clients?

Here are some tips you may use when making a Business Holiday Card for your client base:

  1. Send a digital Holiday Card - you will save both time and money drafting an electronic message you can send to hundreds and thousands of people at once.
  2. Refer to the client by their name - it is important to let them know the message is personalized. Greet the recipient and say simple congratulatory words - "Happy Holidays!" or "Happy Thanksgiving!".
  3. Acknowledge the importance of the customers for your business. Tell the recipient how grateful you are for their long-term loyalty and promise to continue delivering high-quality goods and services.
  4. It is possible you organize a party for the prominent customers - in this case, inform the addressee about the rules for the party, state the time and venue, and add your contact details.

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