Halloween Crafts Templates

Looking for spooky, fun and creative Halloween crafts? Look no further! Our collection of Halloween crafts is filled with endless possibilities to help you celebrate this spooktacular holiday. From pumpkin carving templates to coloring pages with witches and cats, our collection has everything you need to get in the Halloween spirit. Want to surprise your guests with themed Halloween treats? Check out our Halloween takeout box templates that will make your treats even more boo-tiful. Planning a Halloween party? Our Halloween mask templates will help you turn into a spooky creature of the night. Whether you're looking for a festive Halloween border template or a simple craft project to keep the kids entertained, our collection of Halloween crafts has something for everyone. Get creative and have a ghoulishly good time with our Halloween crafts collection.




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This document provides a template for carving a ghost design on a pumpkin. It can be used as a guide for creating a spooky Halloween decoration.


This template is for carving pumpkins for Halloween. It provides a design that you can use to create a spooky and festive jack-o'-lantern. Use this template to add a unique touch to your Halloween decorations.

This template is used to carve a pumpkin with a witch face design.

This type of document provides a Halloween gift tag template in a blue color scheme. It can be used to label gifts for the Halloween season.

This document is a Halloween gift tag template with a red color theme. Use it to add a festive touch to your Halloween gifts.

This document is a template for a witch-themed gift tag design called "Big Moon". It can be used to add a spooky touch to your gift-giving.

This Halloween Spot the Differences Worksheet is a fun activity where you have to find the differences between two images. Perfect for Halloween-themed parties or school activities.

This type of template is the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit by decorating your house, office, or classroom.

This template is used for creating Halloween lanterns. It provides a design and structure to guide the cutting and carving process. Use it to make your own spooky and festive lanterns for Halloween decoration.

This coloring sheet features a spooky ghost for Halloween festivities. Enjoy adding color to this fun activity!

This document is a coloring sheet featuring a pumpkin pattern for you to color in. Enjoy the Halloween spirit with this fun activity!

This coloring sheet features Halloween pumpkins for kids to color. Perfect for a fun Halloween activity!

This coloring page features a cute Halloween-themed cat for kids to color. Get creative with spooky colors and decorations for a festive Halloween activity!

This Halloween coloring page features a cute witch cat. Perfect for Halloween-themed activities and crafts. Let your creativity flow with this fun coloring page!

This coloring page features a cute cat surrounded by pumpkins, perfect for Halloween. Let your creativity run wild and bring this festive image to life with colors. Enjoy some Halloween fun!

This coloring sheet features Halloween-themed images for children to color. It is a fun activity for kids during the Halloween season.

This document provides a Halloween gift tag template in five different colors. Use these templates to add a festive touch to your Halloween gifts.

This document provides a template for making a mini witch's hat. Perfect for Halloween crafts and costumes.

This document provides templates and instructions for making monster-themed crafts out of paper plates, as part of the Anamix 6 project. Great resource for art and craft activities for children.

This document provides a template for creating a Halloween-themed takeout box. Designed by Cameron Blazer, it's ideal for parties, decorations, or gifts during the Halloween season.

This document contains a creative pattern for creating Monster Eyes, brought to you by Xyz Licensing in collaboration with Crayola. It serves as an excellent guide for craft enthusiasts interested in creating arts and crafts.

This template provides a fun and creative guide for crafting Halloween-themed treat boxes in the shape of ghosts. This is perfect for parties, events, or just a festive project to enjoy at home.

This document provides a set of detailed guidelines and shapes for creating Halloween-themed quilts. Suitable for both novices and experienced crafters, these patterns can help in designing unique and spooky quilt designs.

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