Free Quilting Pattern Templates

Quilting Pattern: What Is It?

A Quilting Pattern is a repetitive design recreated on three or more layers of fabric with the help of a needle and thread. Quilting remains a popular technique used to decorate various textiles - bed coverings, cushions, clothes, carpets, and other items you may put in your home or add to your wardrobe.

The purpose of quilting is to stitch several pieces of fabric together to create a dense item making it warmer and cozier. The stitches are often arranged in a geometric pattern to ensure the fabric looks good - stick to the pattern and keep track of the progress you have made when you take a break from your work.

Check out our library below to see a full list of Quilting Pattern templates.

Beginners and experienced quilters alike will be able to find patterns and designs perfect for the projects suitable for their skills. Once you have chosen the template you like, you may print it out and use it like a stencil - cut on the lines and shapes of the pattern, put the paper sheet on the fabric you have selected, trace the lines on the fabric with the chalk or marker, and follow these lines with the needle whether you use a sewing machine or prefer to sew by hand.

You can customize the template in case you are using pieces of fabric with patterns on it - make up your mind on the spot if you see the item can be improved by straying from the template you have before you. Otherwise, a precise Quilting Pattern will help you complete a neat project that can be recreated in the future to expand the collection of textiles or make an identical item for an admirer of your work.

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This document provides a quilt diagram for creating a Ribbon Box Pattern using Cloud9 Fabrics.

This document provides a template for creating a quilt pattern featuring scallop, wave, and vine designs. It is a helpful tool for quilters to create beautiful and unique quilts.

This document provides templates for creating folded-star trivets, a popular craft project. Create beautiful star-shaped trivets with ease using these templates.

This type of document provides templates for the Row by Row Lazy Angle Fish Quilt Pattern created by Carolyn Griffin.

This type of document provides templates for creating a quilt with a striped flowers pattern. It is designed by Lynette Anderson Designs.

This document provides a template for creating a quilt with a maple leaf pattern designed by Cindy Carter. Get creative and make a beautiful quilt with this template.

This document is a quilt pattern called "Scrappy Maple Leaf" created by Cindy Carter. It provides step-by-step instructions for making a quilt with a maple leaf design using scrap fabrics.

This type of document provides templates for a quilt pattern inspired by summer gardens. Perfect for quilting enthusiasts looking to create a beautiful garden-themed quilt.

This document provides step-by-step guidelines to create a chic mousepad quilt pattern. Ideal for tech-savvy crafters looking for a functional yet fashionable DIY project for their workspace.

This document contains templates for creating a terrarium-themed quilt using Art Gallery Fabrics. The templates provide measurements and shapes for creating the quilt blocks.

This document provides templates for creating a Sunshine Quilt using Amy Butler's design.

This document provides 3 x 3 paper quilt grid templates for creating quilts.

This template is used to create a hexagon baby quilt. It is designed by F+w Media.

This document provides Christmas quilt pattern templates from McCall's Quilting. Create your own festive quilts for the holiday season!

This document provides templates for creating a quilt with a collage design. Create a unique and colorful quilt using these pattern templates.

This document provides a collection of quilt pattern templates along with their meanings. Perfect for anyone looking to create meaningful and beautiful quilts.

This document provides quilt pattern templates for creating a Christmas-themed quilt.

This type of document includes templates for making a Dresden Heart Quilt Pattern.

This document provides templates for creating a double wedding ring quilt pattern.

This document provides a template for creating a pinwheel scrap quilt pattern. This type of quilt pattern involves arranging small fabric scraps in a pinwheel design. The template helps you to accurately cut and arrange the pieces for a visually appealing quilt.

This type of document provides templates for modern quilt patterns.

This document provides templates for creating Indie Folk-inspired quilt patterns. Get creative with your quilting projects using these unique designs from Art Gallery Quilts. Create stunning quilts with a touch of indie folk aesthetic.

This document provides quilt pattern templates for creating a Spring Fling-themed quilt.

This document provides instruction for creating a Citrus Squeeze Quilt pattern. It contains templates from the Meredith Corporation to guide users on how to design, cut, and sew quilt pieces. Also helpful for those interested in craft & DIY quilting projects.

This document provides step-by-step instructions and templates for creating a folded flowers quilt pattern, designed by Geta Grama. It's a great resource for experienced and novice crafters looking for a new project.

This document provides templates for designing a Simple Leaf Block Quilt. Ideal for hobbyists and professional quilters, it offers explicit instructions and pattern sketches for creating this unique quilt design by Coats Plc. Perfect for enhancing your quilting skills.

This document provides detailed templates for crafting a Circular Leaf Block Quilt Pattern. Ideal for quilting hobbyists and seasoned artisans looking to create intricate leaf designs on their quilt blocks.

This document provides a guide for crafting an 8-Pointed Star Quilt. It includes layout instructions, cutting guidelines, and sewing recommendations to assist in creating the traditional design. Suitable for novice and expert quilters.

This document provides detailed instructions on how to craft a Folded Star Quilt, a design by Sharon Holland. It contains step-by-step guidelines, essential materials, and tips for quilt creation.

This guide provides instructions, diagrams, and templates for creating the Laurel Wreath Quilt Pattern. It is suitable for craft enthusiasts who are interested in handmade quilting techniques.

This document provides an array of designs for users in the practice of longarm quilting, guiding them to create intricate and uniform patterns on their quilt projects.

This document provides a step-by-step guide for crafting a Patchwork Heart Quilt using various fabric materials. Ideal for those with an interest in DIY projects, tailoring, or quilting.

This document provides instructions on how to create the Dresden Plate Quilt Block, a traditional quilt design consisting of a series of fabric wedges assembled to form a circular shape. Ideal for craft enthusiasts and aspiring quilters.

This document provides the pattern for creating the Dresden Plate Quilt Block Circle, a popular quilting design. Include detailed instructions for usage of different sections of the template to achieve the desired quilt block design. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned quilters.

This document provides step-by-step instructions and template patterns used for crafting the "A Day in Dresden" quilt, suitable for both quilting beginners and skilled crafters.

This document contains a pattern for creating a Dresden Plate Doll Quilt, crafted by Jennie Bagrowski. It provides detailed instructions on fabric choice, cutting, sewing, and assembly to create a beautiful miniature quilt. Useful for hobbyists and crafters interested in quilting.

This document provides detailed guides and templates for creating a Sunny Sunflowers quilt pattern. Ideal for quilting enthusiasts seeking a new project or beginners wanting to try out a flower-themed design.

This document provides templates for creating the Dresden Peak Quilt pattern, a popular design in textile crafts. It contains detailed shapes and measurements, facilitating the quilt making process for both beginners and experienced crafters.

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