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Bring your creativity to life with our wide range of fabric crafts. Whether you refer to it as fabric crafts, fabric craft, or fabric crafting, we've got you covered. Explore our exceptional collection of projects and templates that showcase the versatility of fabric. From adorable baby doll sewing templates and whimsical whirligig quilt templates to cozy night fury hoodie sewing patterns and stunning flower garden path quilt patterns, there's something for everyone. Let your imagination run wild and transform ordinary fabric into extraordinary creations. Discover the joy of fabric crafts and start your next project today.




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This document provides a quilt diagram for creating a Ribbon Box Pattern using Cloud9 Fabrics.

This document provides templates for creating folded-star trivets, a popular craft project. Create beautiful star-shaped trivets with ease using these templates.

This document provides templates for creating singed fabric flowers.

This document contains templates for creating a terrarium-themed quilt using Art Gallery Fabrics. The templates provide measurements and shapes for creating the quilt blocks.

This document provides templates for creating a Sunshine Quilt using Amy Butler's design.

This document provides a quilted stocking pattern template designed by Denyse Schmidt Quilts. Perfect for creating your own holiday-themed stockings.

This document provides a template for creating fabric flowers. Use it to easily cut the necessary shapes for your flower design.

This document provides templates for creating felt flowers, featuring step-by-step crafting instructions and tips to share your unique creations with others. Excellent for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts keen on enhancing their handicraft skills.

This document provides various patterns and templates for sewing baby dolls. It is ideal for those interested in designing and creating handmade dolls, courtesy of Judi's Dolls.

This document provides step-by-step instructions and template patterns used for crafting the "A Day in Dresden" quilt, suitable for both quilting beginners and skilled crafters.

This document provides instructions and guidelines for creating a beautiful folded star pattern in your sewing projects by renowned designer Sharon Holland. It's best suited for intermediate to advanced sewers due to its intricate design details.

This document provides a detailed guide on creating a Christmas Star fabric ornament. Ideal for DIY crafts lovers, it offers step-by-step instructions by Geta Grama, ensuring you can craft a beautiful holiday decoration. Perfect for holiday gifts or personal home décor.

This document is a set of pattern templates designed by Sarah Fielke for creating the Lonely Hearts Quilt. Ideal for sewing enthusiasts and quilt makers, it provides detailed instructions for crafting this specific quilt design.

This document provides patterns and instructions for creating Bat & Cat Girl-themed sewing projects. Ideal for craft enthusiasts or professional tailors interested in children's or costume designs.

This document provides detailed instructions and patterns for creating a woven star quilt block, designed by Wendy Russell. Mostly suited for crafters and sewing enthusiasts looking to broaden their skills in quilt-making.

This guide provides detailed instructions and patterns for crafting a Whirligig quilt, a fun twist on traditional quilting designs. Ideal for craft enthusiasts and professionals alike interested in expanding their skills.

This document provides a detailed pattern for creating a plush sloth toy using sewing techniques. It often includes step-by-step instructions, a list of necessary materials, and size measurements for crafting a homemade soft toy.

This document provides detailed instructions and guidelines on how to create a Happy Home Quilt Pattern. It includes information on materials needed, measurement charts, mapping layouts, and step-by-step stitching guidance. Ideal for quilting enthusiasts seeking new design inspirations.

This document provides a pattern template for creating a cupcake pincushion. It is useful for anyone interested in craft, sewing, or DIY projects, guiding them through the process of crafting an attractive and useful pincushion in the shape of a cupcake.

This document is for quilters looking for specific patterns and designs, providing templates for creating a Pocketful of Posies quilt. Ideal for DIY craft enthusiasts and quilting beginners alike.

This document provides detailed instructions and patterns for creating a Chenille Pillow using the quilting method. It's ideal for hobbyists, craft enthusiasts, or anyone interested in sewing and home decor.

This document contains detailed instructions and patterns for creating an intricate Tumbling Blocks Quilt. Suitable for experienced quilters looking for innovative patterns.

This document provides detailed pattern templates for creating your own plush frog toy, designed by Abby Glassenberg. It is ideal for individuals interested in sewing, arts and crafts, and DIY projects.

This document provides a step-by-step guide for crafting a stunning Folded Flower Table Topper using specific sewing patterns. Ideal for DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists interested in home decor sewing projects.

This document contains detailed templates for sewing your own Night Fury Hoodie. It guides through pattern creation, material selection, and sewing instructions. Perfect for craft enthusiasts, DIY cloth makers, and How To Train Your Dragon fans.

This document contains the craft designs provided by Carrie Lehman and Rachel Roush for creating a Pentagon fabric bowl. It features precise pattern templates and accompanying instructions to assist craft enthusiasts in making a unique Pentagon-shaped fabric bowl.

This document provides step-by-step instructions for crafting a kite block quilt design. It includes dimensions, material requirements, and detailed process guidance to help users create beautiful kite block quilt patterns.

This document provides various templates to create beautiful and unique felt flowers. Ideal for hobbyists and craft enthusiasts. It is made available by Henderson Libraries to promote DIY crafts.

This document provides detailed instructions and guidelines on how to create a Quilted Cottage Panel Quilt, a home-themed decorative textile craft. It's perfect for hobbyists and craft enthusiasts looking for a new DIY project.

This document provides detailed instructions for crafting a Four Block Storm at Sea quilt pattern. It includes necessary materials, cutting instructions, and assembly guidelines to make this intricate design.

This document provides design templates for creating a Whirling Fans quilt. It offers step-by-step instructions and specific measurements for cutting and assembling the quilt components.

This document provides patterns and instructions for individuals looking to create an 8 point star design for a quilt. It is perfect for hobbyists and handicraft enthusiasts seeking to improve their quilting skills.

This document provides detailed instructions on how to create your own sock elephant using a specific sewing pattern. It serves as a guide for hobbyists and craft enthusiasts who are interested in DIY stuffed animal projects.

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