Free Christmas Stocking Templates

Christmas Stocking: What Is It?

A Christmas Stocking is a festive foot garment filled in with small gifts for Christmas. There are numerous Christmas Stocking ideas you can explore - traditional red and white socks covered with fur as if it is snow, stockings that look like animals or display names of family members, or celebratory socks of all sizes for the large household that intends to spend the holiday season at home in front of the fireplace.

Drawing Christmas Stockings may be a great idea for younger kids that attend kindergarten or school - teachers should encourage them to create personalized socks, express their view of Christmas via painting, and boost their imagination.

You can see a full list of Christmas Stocking templates by checking out our library below.

How to Draw a Christmas Stocking?

Here are some tips that will let you create a perfect Christmas Stocking pattern:

  1. Use the socks you and your loved ones are wearing instead of guessing sizes to trace them on paper and replicate real-life sizes of feet whether you are making a sock for an adult or child . The sock may face left or right depending on your choice. It is usually red to fit the Christmas theme but nothing limits your imagination so you get to pick the colors you like. Small patterns, images, and inscriptions are quite common - in most cases, they simply refer to the holidays or congratulate the recipient on Christmas.
  2. Consider some more elements you can draw to make the sketch seem more realistic - fur-lined stockings are a popular Christmas staple so add white fur on top of the stocking, and patches on heels and toes look adorable and allow you to use more colors in your design. The stocking does not remain empty - fill it out with small gift boxes, Christmas tree branches and toys, and candy canes.
  3. If you plan to use the template as a stencil for a sock you sew on your own, it is recommended to use a material denser than paper - a carton would do. It will give you an opportunity to utilize the same shape again and again which is sensible in case you are making stockings to surprise your entire family. Otherwise, a paper Christmas Stocking will function as a one-time decoration for your home unless you take measures to ensure its preservation - for instance, lamination will work well.
  4. Ask your kids or students you are teaching in kindergarten or school to contribute to decorations whether you are putting them on walls of your residence or classroom or combining them into one ornament . To do it, a blank Christmas Stocking template in the form of a black and white drawing only can be personalized by every child - this way, everyone gets to participate in an enjoyable activity and leave their mark on the Christmas decorations. Note that you should offer the children to draw a stocking approximately a week before the holiday so that the place looks festive longer.

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