Free Christmas Activity Sheet Templates

Christmas Activity Sheets: What Are They?

A Christmas Activity Sheet is designed to keep both children and adults engaged in an interesting Christmas-related activity.

Alternate Name:

  • Christmas Activity Worksheets.

The levels of difficulty will of course differ, however in general the concepts may be very similar. The most common types of activity sheets are outlined below:

  • Coloring pages – adults can use them as a tool to relax whereas children can have fun and also develop their hand-eye coordination;
  • A Christmas-themed word search is also a common activity . Give the children some simpler questions and try to go for the more obscure questions for the adults;
  • A Christmas maze where you help Santa deliver his presents or help Rudolph find his carrot could also be an interesting idea;
  • You may also want to do a Christmas spot the difference with varying ranges in difficulty;
  • For the younger ones, you can use a connect the dots or numbers activity sheet to complete a Christmas-related picture;
  • Christmas is a time for family and when the whole family comes together it presents a great opportunity to play some Christmas edition board games . You may need an activity sheet to keep a record of the results.

Any Christmas Activity Worksheet would be a great tool to keep children and adults occupied during Christmas. They can be great at parties to keep guests entertained and to prevent children from getting bored.

For a full list of Christmas Activity Sheets please feel free to check out our library below.

Christmas Activity Sheet Types

  • Christmas Word Scramble - whether you decide to utilize the template for kids or grown-ups, there are tons of Christmas-related words and phrases to unscramble and an image to color in with varying degrees of difficulty. If you want to make it really challenging, consider deleting the capital letters out of each word or phrase – it is remarkable how such a minor detail can create such a more complex task where the words normally get harder to decode as you go along;
  • Christmas Mad Libs is a fantastic word game and an ideal form of entertainment or present for everyone who enjoys laughter! They are a great activity for individuals of all ages since you can fill in the blanks on every page to produce a unique outrageously amusing story relating to Christmas fun.

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This activity sheet is a fun and engaging way to celebrate Christmas and improve your spelling skills. Solve the calcograms puzzles by rearranging the given letters to form words related to Christmas.

This document is a collection of activity sheets for kids to enjoy during the Christmas season. It includes various fun activities related to making cookies for Santa.


This document provides a template for a Christmas-themed word scramble game. Use it to create a fun and challenging activity for your holiday party or gathering.

This document is a word scramble game with a Christmas theme, specifically focused on reindeer.

This type of document is a word scramble game involving Christmas-related words.

This Christmas Word Scramble game features words related to Santa Claus. Unscramble the letters to reveal the hidden words!

This type of document is a Christmas Mad Libs game centered around the theme of a Christmas tree.

This type of document is a fun and interactive game where you can fill in the blanks with Christmas-themed words to create a silly and humorous story. It's a great activity for the holiday season!

This type of document is a Christmas-themed Mad Libs game with a gingerbread theme. Have fun filling in the blanks with wacky words to create hilarious stories!

This type of document is a Christmas-themed word scramble puzzle based on the theme of "gift".

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