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Welcome to our Home Decor collection, where you will find an enchanting array of inspiration and ideas to transform your living space into a personal sanctuary. From elegant floral templates to cozy quilt patterns, our Home Decor collection offers a diverse range of creative resources to suit any taste and style.

Whether you're seeking to add a touch of whimsy with our Giant Paper Flower Templates or create a bohemian atmosphere with our Nomadic Tapestry Wanderer Quilt Pattern, our collection has everything you need to make your home truly unique and inviting.

Indulge your creative spirit with our Stacked Felt Flower Pattern Templates and bring a burst of color and texture to your interiors. Or explore the art of crochet with our Tribble Trivet Crochet Pattern, a functional yet stylish addition to any kitchen.

With our Acorn Pattern Template, you can create charming accents for your living space that celebrate the beauty of nature. From wall art to throw pillows, our Home Decor collection allows you to infuse your surroundings with your personal touch and create a home that reflects your personality and individuality.

Browse through our extensive selection of home decor resources and discover endless possibilities to make your living space a true reflection of your unique style. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting on your home decor journey, our collection offers something for everyone.

Revitalize your living space, express your creativity, and make your home a sanctuary with our Home Decor collection. Explore our range of templates and patterns today and embark on a journey of transformation and self-expression.




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This wedding checklist from Kohl's is a one-page wedding registry list of “Everything you need to create your love nest”. The topics are kitchen, dining, bed and bath, home and luggage.

This bathroom shopping list comes with a pre-printed list of common bathroom essentials and provides extra space for listing additional items.

This document is a helpful template for creating a shopping list when moving into a new home. It provides a checklist of essential items to purchase to ensure you have everything you need for your new living space.

This type of document provides templates for creating candle-shaped flower petals. Perfect for DIY floral arrangements and crafts.

This document provides a template for creating spear-shaped flower petals. Use it to create unique floral designs for various projects.

This document provides a template for making paper roses. Create beautiful, handmade roses using this easy-to-follow template. Perfect for Valentine's Day, weddings, or any special occasion.

This document provides a template for creating a star pattern using matchsticks. It can be used as a guide to create decorative crafts or artwork.

This document provides a template for creating a paper geode garland. It includes the necessary shapes and instructions for assembling the garland. Use this template to make a colorful and unique decoration for your home or event.

This document is a template for creating a Christmas shopping list. It helps you keep track of the things you need to buy for the holiday season.

Are you a decorator looking to market your services? Are you a homeowner in need of a decorator? Check out this document to see everything that is required when making a legal decorating arrangement.

This document provides a template for a set of eight Christmas lights. Use it to decorate your home or create festive crafts.

This document provides a template for the floor of a gingerbread house. It helps in creating a sturdy base for the gingerbread structure.

This document provides a detailed template for building a gingerbread house, including measurements and patterns for all components. Perfect for creating a festive holiday centerpiece.

This coloring page features a beautiful stained glass angel design for you to color in and bring to life. Enjoy the meditative and creative process of coloring while creating a stunning artwork.

This document provides templates for creating folded-star trivets, a popular craft project. Create beautiful star-shaped trivets with ease using these templates.

This type of document provides templates for the Row by Row Lazy Angle Fish Quilt Pattern created by Carolyn Griffin.

This document provides a detailed guide and pattern for crafting a star-shaped lantern. It is perfect for DIY enthusiasts and craft lovers seeking to create their own home decor or festival decorations.

This document provides step-by-step instructions and patterns for crafting paper flowers. Suitable for hobby crafters, party organizers, and educators.

This type of document provides templates for a quilt pattern inspired by summer gardens. Perfect for quilting enthusiasts looking to create a beautiful garden-themed quilt.

This document provides a detailed guide on creating a beautiful paper rose napkin ring, perfect for any special occasion. Essential for DIY enthusiasts interested in crafting unique table decor elements.

This type of document provides instructions and templates for making paper craft flowers called Bo-Quets.

This craft document provides instructions on how to create a beautiful tulip out of origami paper. Perfect for DIY flower decorations or as a fun activity for kids.

This template is used to create a paper craft acorn design. Use it to make a cute and decorative acorn using paper.

This document provides a template for creating fabric flowers. Use it to easily cut the necessary shapes for your flower design.

These templates are designed for crafting purposes, providing detailed outlines of autumn leaves that can be utilized for various art and craft projects, enabling individuals to create their own seasonal decorations or art pieces.

This type of document is a quilt pattern that features a log cabin design, perfect for creating a cozy autumn-inspired quilt.

This document provides a variety of templates for crafting paper flowers. Ideal for DIY enthusiasts and craft lovers, Hallmark's Paper Flower Templates guide you through creating beautiful, handmade floral decorations straight from your home.

This document provides various templates for creating paper flowers of different sizes. Ideal for DIY craft projects and decorations.

This document provides a collection of quilt pattern templates along with their meanings. Perfect for anyone looking to create meaningful and beautiful quilts.

This template is designed for those looking to craft intricate August Poppy paper flowers. It provides a detailed guide for cutting and assembling your own beautiful blooms.

This document provides a stencil for creating decorative reindeer heads using a sawhorse. Ideal for holiday craft projects and DIY enthusiasts.

This document provides a pattern for a Claddagh Double Knit Pot Holder, Hotpad, or Trivet. It contains instructions on how to create this traditional Irish design using double knitting technique.

This document provides instructions for creating a beautiful flower using the art of origami. Learn how to fold paper into intricate shapes to create a decorative flower.

This document provides templates for creating a pumpkin pie-themed garland, typically used for DIY holiday or party decorations. It includes different sizes and designs to suit various crafting needs.

This document provides a step-by-step guide on how to craft a boat using the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, known as Origami. Ideal for beginners and craft enthusiasts looking for a creative hobby.

This type of document provides step-by-step instructions and outlines for craft enthusiasts interested in creating unique and beautiful paper flowers. Ideal for DIY projects or fun-filled crafty weekends.

This type of document provides templates for creating canvas wall art with bouquet designs. It's ideal for DIY enthusiasts or artists looking to create their own home decor with a floral motif.

This document provides instructions on how to crochet a coaster with a patriotic flower design. Ideal for craft enthusiasts looking to enhance their skills and create patriotic-themed home decor.

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