Art Projects Templates

Are you looking for creative and engaging activities to keep your kids entertained? Look no further than our collection of art projects. These projects are perfect for children of all ages and are designed to help them express their creativity while having fun.

Our art projects cover a wide range of themes and materials, ensuring that there is something for everyone. From printable art projects to crafts that use everyday items, we have it all. Whether your child wants to make a butterfly paper plate craft, create an oak leaf outline, or design their own dinosaur mask, we have templates and instructions to guide them every step of the way.

We understand the value of hands-on learning and believe that art projects can provide a wide range of benefits for children. Not only do they encourage creativity and imagination, but they also help develop fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities. Plus, they provide an opportunity for children to express themselves and gain a sense of accomplishment.

Our art projects are designed to be accessible and easy to follow, making them perfect for parents, teachers, and caregivers alike. Whether you're planning a themed party, looking for rainy day activities, or simply want to spend quality time with your child, our art projects are a great choice.

So why wait? Explore our collection of art projects today and watch as your child's imagination comes to life. With our printable art projects and craft templates, you'll never run out of creative ideas to keep your kids entertained. Start discovering the joy of art with our diverse range of art projects.




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This document provides a template for creating spear-shaped flower petals. Use it to create unique floral designs for various projects.

This document provides printable templates for 5 inch hexagons. These templates can be used for various crafting or design purposes.

This document is used for evaluating participants in an art/craft contest. It helps judges assess the creativity, technique, and overall quality of the entries.

This coloring page features a picture related to St. Valentine. Perfect for kids who enjoy coloring and learning about Valentine's Day.

This coloring page features a cute teddy bear holding a heart. Perfect for kids or anyone who loves teddy bears!

This coloring page is perfect for Mother's Day celebrations. It features a circle design that can be filled with vibrant colors to create a beautiful artwork. Let your creativity shine as you personalize this coloring page for your mom or any special mother figure in your life.

This template is used for creating murals on utility boxes.

This document provides a template for creating a chain of paper dolls. Use this template to easily create a fun and creative paper craft project for kids or to decorate a party or event.

This document provides a design template guide for creating paper dolls with the help of clothespins, facilitating fun and innovative arts and crafts projects.

This type of document provides a template for creating a chain of paper dolls, often used for fun crafts or as educational tools for children to learn about proportions and structures.

This document provides a variety of star-shaped templates designed by Sarah Hearts. The templates can be used for art and craft projects, DIY decor, greeting cards, and more.

This document provides various templates of the Maple Leaf pattern. Ideal for crafts, DIY projects, or educational purposes, these templates can be used to create a variety of designs inspired by the Canadian national symbol. Great resource for teachers, students, and craft enthusiasts.

This type of document provides printable star templates of 1-inch size in various colors. It's primarily used for crafts, decorations, or educational activities, making design projects easier and fun.

This document provides a simple guide on how to create a butterfly craft using paper plates. It's ideal for parents who wish to engage their children in fun and creative activities at home.

This document provides step-by-step instructions and guidelines on how to create a paper boat using the traditional Japanese art of Origami. Suitable for art enthusiasts and beginners interested in enhancing their crafting skills.

This document provides detailed guidelines on how to design and layout graphics for a 1-inch button, including specifications for dimensions, spacing, and artwork placement.

This document provides templates for creating your own Elephant and Piggie paper bag puppets, based on the popular children's book series by Mo Willems. Perfect for activities for children in classrooms and homes.

This type of document provides detailed patterns and instructions to create various types of paper stars using the traditional Japanese art form of origami. It's perfect for enthusiasts, beginners, or anyone interested in paper crafts and art.

These templates are designed for creating finger puppets of the beloved characters, Elephant & Piggie, from Mo Willems' children's books. Ideal for encouraging imaginative play and interaction with storylines.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a butterfly puppet craft. It's great for parents or educators who want to engage children in a fun, hands-on activity that stimulates creativity and learning about insects.

This document provides guidelines for accurately cutting complex shapes, specifically the Purple Spinner design, for craft projects or industrial production. It offers measurements, cut-out details, and visual diagrams for the specific design.

This document provides detailed patterns and guidelines for creating your own paper spinners. Useful for crafts, educational purposes or playful activities.

This document provides templates for creating Dragon Puppets to celebrate Chinese New Year. Great for individuals interested in holiday crafts and cultural traditions.

This document provides a detailed framework for creating a yarn cross on a paper plate. It's a valuable resource for anyone interested in arts and crafts, DIY projects, or casual pastimes. It provides step-by-step guidance and patterns to help you achieve the best results.

This template provides detailed instructions on creating a 3D Paper Butterfly Craft. Ideal for craft enthusiasts, parents, and educators looking for engaging DIY activity material.

This document provides step-by-step guidelines for creating a superhero mask out of paper plates, which can be a fun and creative activity for kids and craft enthusiasts.

This document provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a Water Lily Origami Pop-Up Card using the template provided by Dick Blick Art Materials. Ideal for art and craft lovers who want to learn a new skill.

This document carries variously shaped and colored 4-inch star templates. They are often used for arts and crafts projects, educational purposes, or for decoration throughout different seasons and holidays.

This document provides detailed instructions on how to create a raccoon design using Perler beads. Great for people interested in crafts and bead art.

This document provides a creative template that outlines the structure of Rudolph's handprint. It's used mainly for festive craft activities, especially during the Christmas season, that cater to both children and adults interested in creating memorable holiday keepsakes.

This document provides a template for a craft activity that involves creating a colorful rainbow using pieces of ripped paper. Useful for art projects, homeschooling and creative learning classes.

This document provides detailed templates for creating your own paper teacups and saucers. Ideal for craft-lovers, party planners, or those seeking DIY decor ideas.

This document provides a detailed guide for crafting a sea star using paper. It includes instructions, patterns, and pictures, aiming to aid in DIY projects, children's crafts, and educational activities about marine life.

This document provides handprint templates for creating fun and educational polar bear crafts. Ideal for teachers, parents, or kids interested in arts and animals.

This type of document is a printable template displaying the shape of an oak leaf. Ideal for craft projects, teaching aids, or design templates for nature-inspired artwork.

This template guides students or participants on how to create and present a superhero or villain character based on elements from the periodic table. Suitable for educational and creative activities in both a classroom or workshop setting.

This document is designed to guide you in making a snowman inspired by the popular Disney movie, 'Frozen'. It offers a template perfect for kids and families to engage in a fun, outdoor winter activity.

This document provides craft templates for creating photo leprechauns. It is a perfect tool for art and craft enthusiasts, especially during St. Patrick's Day celebrations or themed parties.

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