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Button Template: What Is It?

A Button template refers to a small round image - a drawing, illustration, or caption - that is put inside a plastic badge and worn on a clothing item or bag. While traditionally buttons are associated with fastening garments and keeping them together, you do not have to limit these items to a single function - a badge with a pin can serve multiple roles, and these days buttons often display a humorous phrase, a political slogan, a pun, or an illustration of any kind. Whether you are promoting your business by distributing buttons your employees will wear, creating merchandise for your music band, or trying to attract more voters to participate in an election, a button remains an affordable and easy way to advertise and grow your audience.

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Button Template Types

  • 1.25 Button Template. Personalize a template to create a one-of-a-kind badge you will pin on yourself - draw, make a collage, or write a slogan, print out the design, and insert the template inside a transparent case. This kind of template is perfect for individuals that want to decorate their garments, bags, or backpacks with a variety of buttons - tell others more about your favorite bands, TV shows, and sports teams as well as express your opinion on various social issues through a fashion statement;
  • 2.25 Button Template. If you are trying to make a political statement, share your views during a rally or demonstration, or promote the campaign of a politician whose platform you support or whose staff you work for in order to increase the turnout ahead of election day, this size of the button would be the best choice for you. Alternatively, you may use this template to design the button from scratch - whether you are transferring a work of art you like to a small item or creating your own composition, a larger button will be more visible to the public showcasing your tastes or skills.

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