Creative Play Templates

Are you looking to inspire your child's imagination and enhance their creativity? Look no further than our collection of documents on creative play. These resources provide a wide range of activities and templates that will engage your child in hours of fun and learning.

With our hand puppet templates, your child can bring their own characters to life and create their own stories. Whether it's a funny puppet show or a heartfelt performance, these templates provide the perfect starting point for imaginative play.

For those who prefer crafts, our paper bag monkey puppet template is a great option. Your child can transform a simple paper bag into a playful monkey puppet, perfect for interactive storytelling and pretend play.

If your child loves the world of knights, princesses, and castles, our cardboard castle template is a must-have. They can build their own medieval fortress and let their imagination run wild as they defend their kingdom from imaginary foes.

Do you want to add a touch of magic to your child's playtime? Our shoebox shadow theatre templates allow your child to create their own miniature theater and put on captivating shadow puppet shows. They can explore different stories and characters, bringing them to life through the use of light and shadows.

Finally, our boy and girl paper doll templates offer endless opportunities for personalization and creativity. Your child can design their own wardrobe, dress up their dolls, and create unique stories and adventures.

These documents on creative play are designed to foster imagination, problem-solving skills, and artistic expression. They are perfect for children of all ages and can be enjoyed individually or with friends and family. So, jump into the world of creative play and watch your child's imagination soar!




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This paper template is used to create a toy box in the shape of a tractor. It can be used to store and display small toys or as a decorative piece.

This document provides patterns and instructions for creating various outfits and accessories for dress-up dolls using ice cream sticks. Ideal for beginners and expert DIY crafters alike, offering a range of creative project ideas.

This template allows you to create a monkey puppet using a paper bag. Available at the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County.

This type of document is a craft template for creating a table football game. It is associated with the British TV show Blue Peter.

These templates are designed to assist in creating family-themed finger puppets. They offer various shapes and designs that are appropriate for representing different family members, perfect for craft projects or storytelling activities.

This document provides detailed guidelines and patterns necessary to construct a cardboard castle. It's perfect for craft enthusiasts and educators looking to create a hands-on, creative project for kids.

This document consists of patterns and instructions for creating a miniature shadow theatre from a shoebox. Great for art enthusiasts and DIY hobbyists.

This document provides a range of templates for creating puppets intended for use in shadow puppet shows. It contains designs that can be traced and cut out from appropriate materials to help in providing an engaging and artistic puppet-making experience.

This document provides templates for creating a stand-up St. Nicholas paper doll. Ideal for holiday-themed crafts and educational activities.

This document is designed to guide you in making a snowman inspired by the popular Disney movie, 'Frozen'. It offers a template perfect for kids and families to engage in a fun, outdoor winter activity.

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