Wedding Templates

Weddings are ceremonial events that mark the love and union between two individuals who have chosen to commit to each other in marriage. They are typically organized celebrations where family and friends gather to witness the couple exchanging vows and starting their life together. Weddings symbolize the beginning of a new chapter in the couple's lives, and are often accompanied by various traditions, rituals, and festivities.




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This is a bridal registry checklist template that helps to get organized for a wedding by planning, ordering and sharing a basic list of necessary (or not so necessary) items for your wedding from kitchen items to bedding.

This wedding planning checklist template (by The Vineyards) is yet another version of a 12-month long checklist in a simple format. The checklist gets more scrupulous as the big days approaches.

This Form is used for creating a wedding shot list template with a red color theme. It helps in organizing and planning the photography sessions during a wedding.

This wedding checklist from Kohl's is a one-page wedding registry list of “Everything you need to create your love nest”. The topics are kitchen, dining, bed and bath, home and luggage.

This template - the wedding venue checklist - is only one page long and contains basic do-not-forget questions apropos the big day itself, from the restaurant reservations to the number of silverware.

This simple one-page wedding flower checklist from Metropolitan Exchange will assist you with the flower arrangements for your wedding, from the bridal party and corsages to reception and table decorations.

This document is a Wedding Vendor Contact List Template which can be used to keep track of all the wedding vendors involved in planning a wedding. It includes spaces to list the vendor's name, contact information, and any notes or comments.

This document is used for conducting a prenuptial investigation for Catholic Churches in New Jersey.

This document is a wedding playlist template that can help you organize and plan the music for your wedding ceremony and reception. It includes sections for different parts of the wedding, such as the processional, first dance, and cake cutting songs. Use this template to create a memorable and personalized musical atmosphere for your special day.

This template helps you organize the seating arrangement for your wedding, ensuring that all your guests are comfortably seated.

This document is for organizing and planning the decorations for a wedding. It helps to keep track of the different aspects and details of the decorations, such as the color scheme, floral arrangements, and other decorative elements.

This document is a template for a Flower Girl Certificate. It can be used to recognize and celebrate the participation of a flower girl in a wedding or other special event.

This document is a template for a marriage vow renewal certificate. It is designed in a white theme and can be used to commemorate the renewing of marriage vows.

This document is a spreadsheet used to organize and track lists of information. It is commonly used for tasks such as managing contact lists, inventory tracking, or project management.

This document is a cover page template specifically designed for a honeymoon planner. It can be used to create a professional and visually appealing cover page for a honeymoon planning document.


This document is a template for creating a wedding guest list. It helps you keep track of all your invited guests, their contact information, and RSVP status. This type of document is handy for planning and organizing your wedding guest list efficiently.

This document is a planner template to help you organize and plan your engagement photo shoot. It includes sections for scheduling, locations, outfits, and more.


This document is a template for creating an order of ceremony worksheet. It helps you plan and organize the sequence of events for a wedding, graduation, or other special event.

This document is a template for a wedding budget spreadsheet. It helps couples keep track of their expenses and plan their wedding within their budget.

This document is a wedding/event DJ itinerary worksheet provided by Magical Sound Entertainment. It helps in planning the schedule and details for the DJ services at a wedding or event.

This document is a template for creating a to-do list for planning a wedding. It can help you stay organized and ensure you don't forget any important tasks while preparing for your special day.

A pretty unusual wedding day "emergency kit" lists ”things every bride should have on hand on her wedding day”. The list can be printed and checked off as you assemble your kit.

This document is a wedding shot list template specifically designed for black weddings. It can help photographers and couples plan their wedding photography by providing a comprehensive list of shots to capture.

This document is a wedding day timeline template in a blue color scheme. It can help you plan and organize your wedding day schedule.

This type of document provides templates that can be used to create and organize a wedding guest list. It helps in keeping track of all the guests and their RSVP responses.

This bride's wedding day template lists items not-to-forget to bring on your wedding day. It does not contain checkboxes, but it offers items you would never think of yourself!

A bridal shower checklist is usually a list of items for the invitees to bring, but this one is merely a reminder. It starts with a do-not-forget checklist three months prior to the wedding and ends with the wedding day.

This wedding budget spreadsheet template is provided by Distinctly Yours Wedding and Events. It helps couples plan and track their wedding expenses to stay organized and within budget.

This document is a wedding budget spreadsheet template called "the Pink Book". It helps you keep track of your wedding expenses and manage your budget effectively.

This document is a template for creating a comprehensive wedding registry checklist. It includes all the essential items that a couple may need to register for when planning their wedding.

This document is a template for creating a wedding guest list in California. It can help you keep track of your invited guests and their responses.

A Wedding Day Timeline is a schedule that describes the sequence of events planned for an individuals' wedding day.

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