Wedding Planning Checklist Templates

Wedding planning checklists are comprehensive guides that help couples navigate the various tasks and details involved in planning a wedding. They provide a step-by-step timeline and list of tasks to be completed, ensuring that nothing gets overlooked or forgotten during the wedding planning process. Wedding planning checklists serve as a reference point and help keep track of important deadlines, appointments, and decisions that need to be made to create a successful and memorable wedding day.




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This wedding planning checklist template (by The Vineyards) is yet another version of a 12-month long checklist in a simple format. The checklist gets more scrupulous as the big days approaches.

This document is a template for creating a to-do list for planning a wedding. It can help you stay organized and ensure you don't forget any important tasks while preparing for your special day.

A bridal shower checklist is usually a list of items for the invitees to bring, but this one is merely a reminder. It starts with a do-not-forget checklist three months prior to the wedding and ends with the wedding day.

This type of template is used in order to offer your guests a guide as to what gifts they can bring to the wedding.

This type of document is a blank template used for organizing and planning all the details for a wedding with the help of a wedding coordinator. It includes sections to track tasks, vendors, budgets, timelines, and more.

This document for creating a wedding vendor list specifically for cakes. It helps you keep track of potential cake vendors for your wedding and compare their services and prices.

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