Color by Number Templates

Welcome to our Color by Number collection! This unique and engaging activity allows children and adults alike to unleash their creativity while practicing their number recognition skills. Whether you call it "color by number" or any other alternate names it goes by, this collection is sure to provide hours of artistic fun.

Our Color by Number collection features a wide range of themed coloring pages, from animals like parrots and dinosaurs to festive designs like Easter eggs. Each page is specially designed to incorporate numbers that correspond to specific colors, making it easy for anyone to follow along and create a beautiful masterpiece.

Children will love the challenge of finding the right colors and filling in the spaces, while also reinforcing their understanding of numbers. Not only does this activity help improve fine motor skills, but it also encourages cognitive development as individuals learn to match colors with numbers and follow instructions.

Perfect for both educational settings and leisure time at home, our Color by Number collection offers a delightful way to relax, express creativity, and learn simultaneously. Whether you're looking to entertain young children, or simply seeking a therapeutic activity for yourself, these captivating coloring pages are sure to bring joy and satisfaction.

So why wait? Dive into our Color by Number collection today and discover the magical world of coloring and numbers. Let your imagination run wild and create stunning works of art, one number at a time.




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This coloring page features a parrot and is a fun way to practice coloring skills.

This type of document is a coloring sheet featuring a dinosaur picture that can be colored using a color-by-number system.

This coloring page features a picture of the Little Mermaid that you can color in by following the numbers assigned to each color.

This type of document is a coloring page that features a flower mosaic design. Users can color in the different segments of the design based on the numbers provided.

This coloring page features a flower basket that you can fill with color by following the number guide. It's a fun activity for relaxation and creativity.

This coloring page is a fun activity where you can color a cute puppy picture by following the numbers. It's a great way to relax and get creative.

This type of document is a Mickey Mouse coloring page that uses a color-by-number format. It provides a fun and interactive way for children to color Mickey Mouse while also practicing their number recognition skills.

This coloring page features Easter eggs that can be colored in by following the number guide.

This document is a fun and creative activity template designed to guide individuals in coloring fallen leaves. It's perfect for enhancing concentration and stress-relief, requiring you to match specific colors to numbers on the template. Get ready to participate in a calming art project.

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