Independent Reading Templates

Are you looking for a flexible and effective way to enhance your reading skills? Look no further than our collection of independent reading resources. Also known as self-selected reading or free reading, independent reading allows you to choose books based on your personal interests and preferences, empowering you to take control of your own reading journey.

Our wide range of resources includes helpful tools for teachers, such as the Independent Reading Conference Form, which enables educators to track and assess students' progress and comprehension during independent reading sessions. Additionally, the Guided Reading Levels Conversion Chart provides a handy reference for teachers to determine appropriate reading levels for their students.

If you're a professional in Wisconsin, our collection also includes the Continuing Education Record forms, DCF-F-CFS2114 and DCF-F-CFS2114-E, which allow you to record independent reading or video viewing activities as part of your ongoing professional development.

For those looking to delve deeper into their independent reading experiences, we offer the One-Pager Independent Reading Project, which encourages students to creatively and critically engage with their chosen books through visual and written responses.

Whether you're a student, teacher, or professional, our independent reading resources provide the support and tools you need to make the most of your reading time. Start your independent reading journey today and unlock a world of knowledge and enjoyment.




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This document is used for keeping track of the weekly independent reading progress for fiction books. It helps to record the book title, reading duration, and reflections on the reading experience.

This document is a template for a dialectical journal, which is a tool used for independent reading. It helps readers analyze and make connections with the text by recording quotes, reflections, and responses.

This form is used for conducting independent reading conferences between the teacher and the students. It helps the teacher track their progress and guide their reading instruction.

This document provides a conversion chart for guided reading levels, which helps educators determine the appropriate reading level for students. It aids in selecting books that are suitable for each student's reading abilities.

This form is used for recording continuing education activities related to independent reading or video viewing in the state of Wisconsin.

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