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This Form is used for Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR) Kicker Contract for members of the Armed Forces Reserve.

This document provides strategies and initiatives aimed at expanding access to college education for students from low-income backgrounds. It highlights various efforts to create equal opportunities and eliminate barriers to higher education for economically disadvantaged students.

This type of document provides fact sheets about affirmative action, which is a policy aimed at promoting equal opportunities for historically marginalized groups in employment and education.

This document examines the racial and ethnic disparities in the subjects that students choose to study. It explores the unequal access and opportunities in education for different races and ethnicities.

This document provides a brief overview of the American Association of Community Colleges and its work in supporting community colleges across the United States.

This type of document provides information about sponsored and approved student excursions in Nunavut, Canada. It includes details about the excursions and how students can participate.

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