Career Guidance Templates

Career Guidance, also known as Career Education or Mentoring, is a vital resource for individuals seeking direction and assistance in their professional journey. This collection of documents provides valuable insights, strategies, and tools to help individuals make informed decisions about their career path.

One such document is the "Career Education Mentoring Manual" from Missouri, which offers a comprehensive guide on various aspects of career development, including goal setting, resume writing, interviewing techniques, and more. This resource is designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving job market successfully.

Another document in this collection is the "Form NAVMC2795 Counseling Worksheet," which is a valuable resource for military personnel seeking career guidance and counseling. This document helps individuals assess their skills, interests, and values, ultimately guiding them towards career paths that align with their unique abilities and aspirations.

"Major Malfunction: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in What Students Study" is another noteworthy document within this collection. It sheds light on the impact of racial and ethnic disparities on students' career choices and explores strategies to address and rectify these inequalities. This resource is particularly relevant to educators, policymakers, and career counselors aiming to create a more inclusive and equitable career guidance system.

Additionally, this collection includes documents like the "Career Exploration Plan" from Texas, which assists students in exploring various career options and mapping out a personalized career exploration plan. This resource provides guidance on researching careers, identifying educational requirements, and determining the necessary steps to achieve professional goals.

Lastly, the "Riasec Test" is a widely recognized assessment tool that helps individuals identify their interests and preferences, leading to a better understanding of suitable career paths. This document is valuable for individuals at any stage of their career journey, offering insights into potential career directions based on an individual's personality traits and interests.

Whether you're a student mapping out your future, an individual looking for a career change, or a professional seeking guidance, this collection of career guidance documents is an invaluable resource. With a diverse range of topics and insights tailored to different needs and circumstances, these documents will empower you to make informed decisions and take meaningful steps towards a fulfilling and successful career.




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This document provides a comprehensive guide for career education mentoring in Missouri. It offers valuable information and resources for mentors to help guide and support students in their career development.

This form's main purpose is to assist U.S. Marines (as well as the U.S. Marines Reserve) with motivation towards better personal performance of duties.

This document examines the racial and ethnic disparities in the subjects that students choose to study. It explores the unequal access and opportunities in education for different races and ethnicities.

This type of document is a cover letter for the Re-entry Employment Service Program in Illinois. It is used to express interest in the program and highlight qualifications for re-entering the workforce after a period of incarceration.

This document is a career exploration plan specific to Texas. It helps individuals in Texas navigate their career options and develop a strategic plan for their future. It provides resources and guidance for researching different careers, setting goals, and creating an action plan to achieve them.

This document is a career assessment tool that helps individuals identify their interests and match them with suitable occupations. It uses the RIASEC model, which categorizes people into six different personality types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional.

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