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From the formation of the corporation to the dissolution of the company, Corporation Forms help individuals who run the business to cover every aspect of it. Every decision the corporation makes, every change it goes through must be documented in writing, otherwise, it can be difficult to prove in case of a disagreement between the managers of the organization.

When you choose to organize the business in corporate form, you let the business function separately and independently from its owners who will not bear financial responsibility for the corporation. Still, before the company can launch its successful operation on the market, you need to formalize its relationship with the agency that registers new businesses, prepare manuals that tell your officers and employees how to handle day-to-day matters and aim to achieve major objectives, and complete documents like Corporate Agreement Forms and liability waivers to outline the rights and duties of every individual involved in the decision-making of the corporation.

If you are looking for printable Corporate Forms, download them below:

  1. Corporate Bylaws are internal guidelines of the organization that tells its managers and members how the business must be run. It specifies not only the main goals and targets that can be reached in one or five years, but it also describes everyday standards and procedures that must be implemented in all activities of the entity.
  2. A Corporate Resolution allows shareholders and directors of the corporation to make decisions and record them for further use and reference. If you need to approve amendments to official documentation filed with the state or sell a considerable amount of stock, call a meeting of the company leaders and prepare this document to make an official decision.
  3. A Certificate of Incorporation is a document that verifies the creation of the entity and its formal registration with the appropriate authorities. To receive it, you need to describe the purpose of the business, name the registered agent who will represent the interests of the company in all transactions and operations, and pay filing fees.
  4. Articles of Incorporation are filed with the Secretary of State office to register the organization and provide information about it for public records. You need to identify all members and managers of your company and explain the reason for the incorporation to legitimize the business.

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