Shareholders are an essential part of the business - they represent a major source of funds, their money is used to start the company, they affect significant decisions and day-to-day operations of the organization. Their direct influence on the company manifests in the voting process - shareholders exercise their voting rights when making significant corporate decisions on the company's behalf. Whether shareholders prioritize short-term gain and want to generate revenue quickly or they choose a different approach and are willing to wait a bit longer to improve the financial health of the company, their rights, duties, scope of actions, and restrictions must be formalized to become enforceable.

To make sure you record all the actions and decisions of the shareholders, you need to compose various Shareholder Forms. If you are looking for printable Shareholder Forms, download them below:

  1. Shareholders Meeting Minutes are official records taken during the formal meeting of the shareholders. It is required to write down every detail of their conference, indicate which resolutions or agreements have been introduced, adopted, or rejected, and state the future plans of the company.
  2. Compose a Shareholders Meeting Agenda days before the shareholders gather to discuss the issues and achievements of the business. It will list the topics that must be covered and a schedule to let all the shareholders voice their opinions.
  3. A Shareholder Agreement is negotiated and signed by all the shareholders of the company to determine how the business must be run and establish the rights and responsibilities of the shareholders. Additionally, Shareholder Agreement Forms break down the structure of the company management and offer legal protection to the shareholders.
  4. A Stock Purchase Agreement is signed by the seller (the company or its shareholders) and the purchaser of the company shares to confirm the transfer of stock ownership and finalize the sale of the corporation's assets.
  5. A Shareholder Proxy serves as an authorization given by the shareholder to another individual to represent their interests in various company matters. The shareholder tells their agent how to vote on their behalf if they are unable to attend the meeting of the shareholders.
  6. A Shareholder Loan Agreement stipulates the transfer of monetary funds from the shareholder to the company. The shareholder can lend their money to the organization, for instance, to help them pay wages to employees.

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"Shareholder Loan Agreement Template"

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2 pages

This type of agreement is used when a corporation borrows money from a shareholder in order to explain the details of the loan and to serve as evidence of the debt.

"Shareholders Meeting Agenda Template"

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Size: 59 KB
1 page

This is a document presented to all shareholders to inform them about a shareholders' meeting that contains all of the topics that are subject to discussion.

"Shareholder Agreement Template"

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Size: 124 KB
9 pages

This document is completed and signed by the shareholders of a company at the moment of merging.

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"Shareholder Proxy Form"

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1 page

A Shareholder Proxy Form is a document you make in order to appoint another person to attend a meeting in person to vote on a decision instead of you.

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"Stock Purchase Agreement Template"

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Size: 83 KB
3 pages

This is a legal contract signed between a purchaser and a shareholder, in which the shareholder is legally bound to sell a share of a company on conditions stated in the contract, and the purchaser is legally bound to buy that share on the same conditions.

"Shareholders Meeting Minutes Template"

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Size: 55 KB
2 pages

This is a document that records and contains information about decisions and actions taken by shareholders during a business meeting.