Pre Employment Screening Templates

Are you looking to hire the most suitable candidates for your organization? Do you want to ensure that you are making informed decisions based on accurate and reliable information? Look no further than our pre-employment screening services.

Pre-employment screening, also known as background checks or pre-employment investigations, is a crucial step in the hiring process. It involves gathering important information about potential employees to assess their suitability for a particular role or position. This process helps you uncover any red flags or discrepancies in a candidate's background that may affect their ability to perform the job effectively and safely.

Our pre-employment screening services include various documents and forms designed to streamline the process and provide you with comprehensive and accurate results. From authorization and release forms to medical prescreen reports, we offer a wide range of documents customized to meet your specific needs.

Our PS Form 2181-A Pre-employment Screening - Authorization and Release document ensures that you have the candidate's consent to conduct a background check. This document allows you to gather the necessary information and perform the screening process legally and ethically.

To ensure the highest level of integrity and transparency, we also offer the DOC Form OP-140116B Employee Post-offer Examination Report. This document helps you assess the candidate's physical fitness and suitability for the job, ensuring they meet the necessary requirements for the position.

For organizations operating in Oklahoma, our DOC Form OP-040117 Attachment B Polygraph Examination Interview Form is a valuable tool. This document allows you to conduct polygraph examinations as part of the pre-employment screening process, providing additional insights into a candidate's honesty and integrity.

If you require medical information as part of your screening process, our DD Form 2807-2 Accessions Medical Prescreen Report is an essential document. This form helps you collect vital medical information that may impact a candidate's ability to perform certain tasks or meet specific job requirements.

In addition to these specific documents, we also offer a standardized employee screening questionnaire. This comprehensive document covers a wide range of areas, including employment history, education, professional qualifications, references, and more. By using this standardized questionnaire, you can easily compare and evaluate candidates' responses, making your hiring decisions more objective and consistent.

Our pre-employment screening services provide you with the peace of mind and confidence necessary to make informed hiring decisions. We understand the importance of finding the right fit for your organization, and our documents are designed to help you achieve that goal.

Trust our pre-employment screening services to ensure that you have all the relevant information about your candidates before making a hiring decision. With our comprehensive collection of documents and forms, you can confidently select the best candidates for your organization. Don't leave your hiring decisions to chance - invest in pre-employment screening today.




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This document is a checklist used for screening potential police officers for pre-employment in the Veterans Affairs (VA) Police department. It ensures that all necessary requirements and qualifications are met before hiring.

This form is completed by the person requiring medical processing within the Department of Defense (DoD) Instruction protocol. The pre-screening report is filled out by the recruiter and individual seeking to join the military.

This form is used by bargaining employees to demonstrate their qualifications when applying for a promotion for any Executive Administrative Schedule (EAS).

This document outlines the process for conducting a criminal background check in the state of Florida. It provides information on who can request a background check, the required documents, and the steps involved in the process.

This document provides information on how to request a copy of background check procedures in Ohio. It outlines the process and requirements for obtaining this information.

This document is utilized by employers for assessing potential employees. It contains standardized questions that help evaluate candidates' suitability for a job role, including their skills, experience, and capabilities.

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