Letter of Recommendation for Medical School Template

Letter of Recommendation for Medical School Template

What Is a Letter of Recommendation for Medical School?

A Letter of Recommendation for Medical School is a statement composed to help a future medical student get into college or university. If the applicant has been your student, colleague, or subordinate for a significant period of time, they may reach out to you for a recommendation to strengthen their application and give them a better opportunity to be considered for enrollment or sometimes even a scholarship.

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When writing a Letter of Recommendation for Medical School, try not to exceed three pages - the person responsible for making an enrollment decision will not have time for a letter of ten or fifteen pages. Be polite and concise, introduce yourself and the applicant, tell the recipient under which circumstances you got acquainted with the person you are describing, highlight their professional accomplishments, skills, qualifications, and attributes that will help them succeed as a medical student, clarify why the applicant should be selected among other candidates, and add your contact details.


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Medical schools receive approximately 5,000 applications each year, and they simply will not read through a letter of ten pages. On average, letters should be about two or three pages in length - try not to write more than that.

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Usually, supervisors and professors are the ones who write Recommendation Letters; however, you may ask anyone who has known you for several years and has worked closely with you on numerous projects. Here are some tips for you to follow the proper etiquette when asking for a medical school Letter of Recommendation:

  1. Treat your supervisors and professors as people who will potentially write you a recommendation in the future.
  2. Only ask people who know you and whose classes and office hours you attended regularly.
  3. Ask for the recommendation right when your interaction with the potential letter writer is over or before you are about to apply.
  4. Provide the professor or supervisor with sufficient time to write the letter - do not ask too late, putting unnecessary pressure.
  5. Ask in person - do not use e-mail as a method of communication.
  6. Prepare documents and personal statements to give to the letter writer.
  7. Briefly discuss your work, research, and achievements - the recommendation must explain the reasons why you should be enrolled in a medical school.
  8. Give the letter writer an opportunity to compose an honest letter so that your performance is evaluated fairly.

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When writing a Letter of Recommendation for medical school, you need to consider the following points:

  • Explain how well do you know the applicant. Establish the background of the relationship. To do that, indicate in what capacity have you met, were you their mentor, supervisor, professor, etc. and state the length of time the applicant has known you;
  • Provide a detailed list of the applicant's accomplishments. Write what you have observed about the quality of their work and the personal traits they have demonstrated;
  • Record the details of the results of the applicant's work and the impact their efforts had on others. Emphasize the outcomes of the work to provide convincing evidence of the applicant's professionalism. Also, you may list their awards and publications;
  • Include context for the applicant's achievements - for instance, you may add the number of languages the applicant speaks or their intimate knowledge of other cultures and scientific areas. This will also support the candidacy for medical school;
  • Explain why the applicant will succeed in medical school. Show the applicant is well prepared and will excel in the next education phase.

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