Sample Letter of Recommendation for Medical School From Professor

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Medical School From Professor

A Letter of Recommendation for Medical School From a Professor is a written statement that supports the application of a student who wishes to enroll in a medical school. Prepared by the student's current or former professor, this document will confirm the candidate's ability to do well in a medical school, their academic achievements so far, and personal characteristics that will let them succeed as a doctor.

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How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Medical School?

Follow these steps to compose a proper Letter of Recommendation for Medical School:

  1. Make sure you have enough information to begin drafting a letter. The applicant should provide you with statements and documents that list their academic successes and explain their motivation to enroll.
  2. Be brief - the medical school will only review a recommendation that does not exceed two or three pages.
  3. Greet the letter recipient, introduce yourself, and state the reason for writing.
  4. Tell the letter reader under what circumstances you have met the candidate and how long have they studied under your guidance.
  5. Explain why the applicant will be a great student. You can write down their accomplishments in the medical field and emphasize their dedication to the profession. Do not be afraid to be personal - mention a heartfelt moment you have shared with your student or tell the board of admissions the reason this individual has chosen to pursue a career in healthcare.
  6. It is recommended to list outstanding skills of the candidate and their personal qualities that make them perfect for enrollment - for instance, they know several languages, have volunteered for a significant period of time, and demonstrated resilience, patience, and kind spirit.
  7. If the student has asked you to provide a recommendation for a particular program and you believe they will be up to this challenge, mention the study or program in your letter.
  8. Add your contact information and offer the recipient to call or mail you if they have additional questions or concerns. Thank them for their attention, sign, and date the letter. You may send the letter to the address the candidate gave you - or simply give them your recommendation to add to their documentation for enrollment.

How to Ask a Professor for a Letter of Recommendation for Medical School?

Here is how you should request a Medical School Recommendation Letter from your professor:

  1. Ask in person or write an email with all necessary details to avoid follow-up questions if possible.
  2. Choose a person you know for a long time, who has treated you well during your studies, and who, in your opinion, will be willing to write a supportive recommendation.
  3. Convince the professor their recommendation will mean a lot to you and your future career. Ask them to be honest and state certain accomplishments they are aware of so that the letter writer knows what to base the recommendation on.
  4. If there are specific guidelines and requirements you have received from the medical school regarding the potential recommendation, send them with your request - it is possible the educational institution has its own Letter of Recommendation Template for Medical School, with questions for the person who knows the candidate professionally.
  5. Do not ask for a recommendation at the very last moment - give the professor at least a couple of weeks to create a letter.

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Download Sample Letter of Recommendation for Medical School From Professor

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