End User License Agreement Template

End User License Agreement Template

What Is a EULA?

An End User License Agreement , or EULA , is a contract signed by an individual or entity that buys, downloads, or installs software, and the licensor or owner of that software. Draft the EULA if your goal is to want to make money off of patents, copyrights, or trademarks, provide usage rights to other people, and protect your proprietary rights. You need to specify who owns the intellectual property and who can use it, how much the license costs, and how long the licensee will be allowed to use your property. The licensee will make a one-time payment or pay a fee to use, download, or install a copy of the proprietary software.

Many EULAs are used in a digital format and agreed upon online, since most software is now developed via the Internet - websites, computer programs, software applications, mobile apps, etc.

If you need your own End User License Agreement template, you may download one below or compose a more personalized document using our online form builder.


What Is a EULA Intended to Do?

A EULA is commonly used when someone creates proprietary software and wants to make money by allowing other people or companies to use this program while having control over its distribution and usage. The licensor has every right to worry about their copyright, and a licensing agreement will prevent others from copying the source code or transferring the software to a non-paying third party.

A EULA will protect the copyright owner or licensor of the software by directly prohibiting the licensee from reselling the software at the former's expense. A license means the user is permitted to use the software without making any profits. Without an End User License Agreement, a software owner is basically agreeing to a free software license which will lead to the loss of profits and copyright infringement.

How to Write a EULA?

When composing a EULA, consider including the following details:

  1. Names of the parties - the licensor and the licensee.
  2. Duration of the agreement and termination terms. Write down when the contract will begin and end and what may trigger the termination clause. The user may be bound to the terms of the license upon opening the package, registration, installation, or manual acceptance of the licensing agreement.
  3. The exclusivity of the license. The licensor may choose to grant an exclusive or non-exclusive license to the licensee.
  4. Terms of the license. Name the software created and licensed. State that the licensee is only permitted to use the intellectual property for a particular purpose, with or without sub-licenses. If the terms are breached, the licensee may no longer use the software.
  5. Geographical limitations. Certain licenses may only be used within a designated geographical area to prevent competition.
  6. Royalties. The licensor may decide to take a lump sum payment (one single payment, rather than installments) or a per-item fee.
  7. Warranties. Generally, this section describes the good condition of the property - the licensor promises it will be error-free. The licensor will not be liable for any problems that may arise from using the software.
  8. Property alterations. The licensor may grant the licensee the right to modify the property. It is possible to specify the types of changes you allow and name the individual or company that will have the rights to the improved version.
  9. Transferability clause - the license may be transferable or non-transferable.
  10. Support and maintenance - the licensee may be provided support online or by phone, either 24/7, quarterly, or annually;
  11. Acknowledgment of the infringement - include a clause that explains what will happen in the event of copyright infringement. The licensee may be subject to civil or even criminal penalties.

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