Companies and individuals involved in producing, distributing, and promoting media are often in need of a wide variety of legal and business-related paperwork to accompany their transactions and operation. Media Forms and documents, in this instance, refer to the many agreements, contracts, and authorization releases required for the day-to-day workings of the media and entertainment industries.

Media Release Forms

A Media Release Form is a legally-binding document that grants a party the authorization to produce, reproduce, and distribute photos, videos, or sound recordings of an individual. Otherwise, taking or reproducing an image or a recording of an individual without their written consent may have serious consequences if taken to court. Media Release Forms for minors are especially important when recording media for commercial purposes. Without having a parent-signed release to fall back on, the artist does have a right to post or promote this content: this would mean that they are unlawfully financially benefiting from another person.

The most common types of authorization forms in media include the following:

  1. A Photo Release Form, which allows a photographer or business to obtain images for either personal or commercial use. This form is required when a photograph of a person will be used with the intention of receiving profit - money, promotion, or publication.
  2. Video Release Form, which grants permission to a third party to utilize the voice or appearance of an individual in a video for any commercial purposes. Most commonly used in music videos, YouTube, and film, the form grants the third party the permission to capitalize on the image of the individual. 
  3. A Model Release Form, a contract between the photographer and the model that allow the photographer to use the taken photos for commercial or promotional purposes.
  4. A Social Media Release Form is a document that allows you to use video recordings, voice recordings, or photos of an individual on social media.

Additionally, those involved in media production, distribution, and promotion will often look to contractually regulating the relationship between themselves and the creators. Some of the more popular agreements include the following:

  1. Photo Licensing Agreement. This is an agreement between the owner of a photo (usually, the photographer) and a third party that wishes to license the use of the images. The licensee only acquires the right to use the photos - the original owner still keeps their copyright of the images. The licensed photos can be printed and framed for commercial sale, on book covers, and in magazines or online venues.
  2. Band Partnership Agreement. This is a legal contract signed that documents the specifics regarding how a music band operates and how the decisions regarding the band are to be made. This is one of the most important documents a musician can sign to ensure that things run smoothly over the band’s lifetime.
  3. Recording Contract. This is a contract between an artist and the record label that will be recording, producing, and releasing the artist’s music. A Recording Contract sets out the terms and conditions of the recording and marketing process. With its help, the record label claims legal ownership of the final product, and the artist gets documented proof of the royalties the label will be obligated to pay them.

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"Model Release Form"

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Size: 62 KB
2 pages

Individuals may use this legal contract to allow the photographer to sell photos commercially or use them promotionally.

"Video Release Form"

Rate (4.6 / 5) 19 votes
Size: 63 KB
2 pages

This is a document that grants permission to a third party to utilize the voice or appearance of an individual in both video and still image.

"Photo Licensing Agreement Template"

Rate (4.5 / 5) 28 votes
Size: 94 KB
4 pages

This is a contract signed by a photo owner (usually, a photographer) and an individual or company that wishes to license the use of their work.

"Social Media Release Form"

Rate (4.5 / 5) 30 votes
Size: 57 KB
1 page

This form is used to give another party the authority to use video recordings, voice recordings, or photos of an individual on social media.

"Recording Contract Template"

Rate (4.2 / 5) 19 votes
Size: 100 KB
5 pages

This agreement is signed between a record label and an artist and regulates the production and release of the artist's music.

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"Photo Release Form"

Rate (4.5 / 5) 23 votes
Size: 61 KB
2 pages

Signing this legal document gives a photographer authorization to obtain images for personal or commercial use. The individual in the photo(s) is the one to provide this authorization.

"Band Partnership Agreement Template"

Rate (4.4 / 5) 22 votes
Size: 128 KB
9 pages

You may use this legal contract to explain how the band operates and how the decisions regarding the band are to be made.

"Copyright Release Form"

Rate (4.7 / 5) 18 votes
Size: 62 KB
1 page

This is a legal document in which the owner of the copyright grants permission to another party to utilize it.