Photo Release Form

Photo Release Form

What Is a Photo Release Form?

A Photo Release form is a formal document used to grant a professional photographer or photo agency permission to use images for commercial gain.

Alternate Names:

  • Photography Release Form;
  • Photo Consent Form;
  • Photo Release Consent Form.

This authorization is typically required in the following situations:

  • When you are conducting a photo shoot with a professional model - a person who is getting paid for having their pictures taken on a regular basis, usually for commercials and promotional campaigns, you need a Model Release Form;
  • If you are planning to use the appearance, voice, and footage of the individual to benefit financially, complete a Video Release Form - it will allow you to distribute the video you have created for online publications, traditional media, and physical products;
  • In case you are creating online content for websites and applications used by people who also share content and communicate with each other through it, fill out a Social Media Release Form instead.

You may draft a Photo Consent form with the help of our online form builder or simply download a Photo Consent form template through the link below.


When is a Photo Release Form Needed?

Prepare a general Photo Consent form when you intend to use the pictures for commercial use whether you are a self-employed photographer or you represent a photo agency or modeling agency. If the photos you took will be used to generate profit, improve sales of the business, or promote a product or event, you must sign a Photo Consent form to make sure the individual depicted in the picture is aware of your plans and is compensated for their services. The same rules will apply when you take a picture of someone else's property, including pets - the owner needs to read and sign a document that certifies their authorization.

Photo Consent Form for Minors

To make sure the interests of your child are safeguarded and their photos are used correctly, you should not only be present at the photo shoot, but also provide an explicit authorization that will allow the photographer to use your child's likeness to receive profit - your family will receive compensation and will be aware of the future use of the photos. The parent or legal guardian should accompany the minor to the photo shoot, learn the intentions and plans of the photographer, and sign the document on behalf of their child. This agreement will include the minor's name as well and limit the use of the pictures - in many cases, once the subject of the photo shoot becomes an adult, the release is terminated.

How to Make a Photo Release Form?

While there is no universal format photographers and models are obliged to use to authorize the former to use the pictures at their discretion, consider following these steps to fill out a Photography Release Form and draft a legally binding document that will protect both parties:

  1. Indicate the name of the individual who is depicted in the photos and add their mailing address.
  2. Write down the name of the person authorized to use the pictures and enter their contact details.
  3. If the form is prepared on behalf of the child by their parent or legal guardian, include the name of the minor in the agreement.
  4. Describe the photos that will be released for use . State the date the pictures were taken, the subject of the photos, and their total number. It is recommended to create an attachment to the document and enclose the photographs in question.
  5. Confirm the subject of the photo shoot grants the photographer or the agency the right to take, edit, reproduce, distribute, and publish the photographs you have described above . Depending on the wishes of the parties, you can add limitations to the authorization - for instance, the pictures can only be printed in a certain issue of the magazine or posted online once.
  6. In case the releasor is getting paid for their consent to use the photos, include the amount of compensation in the form . Alternatively, you can agree upon royalties - it will serve as a steady income for the model who will receive a percentage of the revenue obtained after the photos are distributed or published.
  7. Discuss the revocation of the release - the parties may come to the mutual agreement to cancel the release before it is expired or one of them may decide to terminate the contract . In this situation, you may have to return the physical copies of the pictures to the subject of the photo shoot or demand them to return the portion of the payment they received during the initial signing.
  8. Sign and date the form . Usually, it does not require a notary seal; however, it is not forbidden to add this extra layer of protection to the agreement.

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