Photo Consent Form

Photo Consent Form

What Is a Photo Consent Form?

A Photo Consent Form is given out to and completed by a person that gives permission and consent for photographs of themselves to be released and used. It can also be used when a photographer grants permission for another party to use their photographs which is becoming more and more popular today with the use of images on social media.

Alternate Name:

  • Photo Release Consent Form.

A general Photo Consent Form will always provide a simple description of the photograph that is being released for use. There is also usually a separate clause giving the original owner of the photograph the right to revoke consent at any time if they choose to do so. The form must be signed by both the party obtaining consent and the party giving consent. By downloading a simple Photo Consent Form template, you will ensure that all of the important elements are included in the form, without the worry that you may have missed off something crucial.

A Photo Consent Form template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


When Do You Need a Photo Consent Form?

A Photo Consent Form will be required when the photograph you plan on using is going to be used for commercial reasons. This can often present a dilemma because people have different ideas about the definition of the term "commercial." If you are unsure about whether or not the purpose you intend to use the photograph for is commercial or not, you should consider if the use of the photo will result in you gaining profit. If so, or if you are using it for advertising or promotional purposes, then you will certainly require a Photo Consent Form.

If you want to use a photograph that has somebody in it, you may need to also obtain the consent form - but not necessarily. This will all depend entirely upon whether the person in the photograph can be recognized. Again, this area can be problematic because people may have different ideas about what is deemed as recognizable and what is not. The general rule is, if there is an individual that knows the person in the photograph relatively well and they are able to recognize that individual from the photograph - this will count as recognizable. This isn't strictly limited to people in photographs, the same can be said for the property of an individual. In these cases, you will be required to complete a Photo Consent Form.

You should keep in mind that if you are using a photo for non-commercial purposes, you still may want to complete a Photo Consent Form - particularly if you are a business. At the time you may well not need the photo for this reason, but what will happen if you unexpectedly and urgently will be required to use that photograph for profit-orientated purposes? You will have to quickly find and get in touch with the original rights owner and request consent. This may be a difficult and lengthy process so it is best to sign the form from the start, just in case it will be required for future use.

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