Pet Photography Contract Template

Pet Photography Contract Template

What Is a Pet Photography Contract?

A Pet Photography Contract is a contract between a photographer and a client (the pet owner) and is used to arrange a photoshoot of the client's pet.

Doing a photoshoot with an animal is not an easy task. The pet owner must approach the choice of a photographer with careful research and responsibility. The photographer should have the proper education and working experience with this kind of pet to avoid injury.

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How to Make a Pet Photography Contract?

A typical Pet Photography Contract includes the following:

  1. Identifying Information. Information about the photographer and the client.
  2. Scope of Work. This part contains information about the location, time of the photo shoot, and the number of working hours. Specify the list of animals participating in the session, including their species, names, and ages.
  3. Work Product. This part contains information about the format, materials, size of the photos, and their total number.
  4. Payment. The total fee for the photographer's services, the amount of non-refundable deposit due, and the remaining balance due should be indicated here. If the cancelation was initiated by the client, the photographer is not obliged to return the non-refundable deposit.
  5. Indemnification. This section should indicate all of a photographer's compensations for harm or loss. If the pets injure the photographer or damage their equipment, the client should be responsible for paying for such incidents. The photographer should not be responsible for any injury or damages caused by the pets that happen during the photo session.
  6. Duty of Client. The client should learn the rules of the shooting location regarding pets and be sure that the size and breed of the pets are allowed there.

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