Original Owner Templates

Are you the original owner of a property or asset? Whether it's a fireworks certificate transfer, designation of resource amount, claim for unclaimed property, or any other type of ownership transfer, it's important to have the necessary documentation in place. Finding the right forms and affidavits can be time-consuming and confusing, but with our Original Owner documents collection, we make the process quick and easy.

Our collection includes a wide range of documents, such as the Form BFS-401 Fireworks Certificate Transfer of Ownership Affidavit from the Original Owner in Michigan, the Form T1046 Designation of Resource Amount by an Original Owner in Canada, and the Arizona Form 600A (ADOR10690) Claim for Unclaimed Property - Original Owner in Arizona. These documents, along with many others, can help you navigate the legal requirements and procedures for transferring ownership as an original owner.

In addition to the specific forms, we also provide resources like the Original Owner Claim Request Form in Collin County, Texas, and the Original Owner's Affidavit in the City of Houston, Texas. These documents ensure that you have everything you need to assert your rights and protect your ownership status.

Our Original Owner documents collection is your one-stop solution for all your ownership transfer needs. We understand the importance of having proper documentation, and we strive to make the process as seamless as possible. With our user-friendly interface and extensive library of forms and affidavits, you can confidently navigate the complexities of transferring ownership and protect your rights as the original owner.

Take the hassle out of finding the right paperwork and streamline your ownership transfer process with our Original Owner documents collection. Start exploring our vast array of forms and affidavits today to ensure a smooth and efficient transfer of ownership.




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This form is used to transfer the ownership of fireworks in the state of Michigan. It is an affidavit that must be completed by the original owner.

This form is used for applying to be the original owner of a vehicle in the state of Texas.

This form is used for claiming unclaimed property in Arizona. It is specifically for the original owner of the property.

This form is used for individuals in Collin County, Texas to request a claim for original ownership.

This document is used for confirming the original ownership of a property in the City of Houston, Texas.

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